New surgery time for ETV and MRI reveals unexpected, aggressive tumour growth

After posting yesterday’s blog we have been told that Eloise will now have surgery on Friday morning (around 8.30) and not today (Thursday). The procedure will also now involve a biopsy as well as an ETV – the whole procedure should take roughly an hour to an hour and half. The reason for the biopsyContinue reading “New surgery time for ETV and MRI reveals unexpected, aggressive tumour growth”

Eloise going for surgery

Eloise went in to St George’s Hospital to have her second MRI this morning. As a result of the MRI Eloise has been immediately admitted and will undergo surgery to have an ETV tomorrow morning. The Neurosurgeons and Radiologists are also going to meet to discuss potential surgery on the tumour. Please pray for: SuccessfulContinue reading “Eloise going for surgery”

Hope and prayers this week needed

So the last week has been quite challenging and upsetting.  Unfortunately Eloise’s trembling has worsened so much so that at times she is often struggling to walk and keeps tripping/stumbling or just falling straight on her knees. She has sometimes started scooting around furniture again.  After sending a video of Eloise trembling to the EpilepsyContinue reading “Hope and prayers this week needed”

A quick little update

A quick little update We’ve received the second opinion from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).  In general their recommendation supports the overall approach taken by St George’s Hospital, but adds a few things to note: It is more cautious and recommends an earlier MRI scan (2-3 months i.e. end Jan to Feb) to monitor theContinue reading “A quick little update”

Another day, another prayer request: Prayer request for Great Ormond Street’s opinion

For those that pray we would appreciate prayers for Eloise and for the team at Great Ormond Street Hospital who are meeting tomorrow to discuss Eloise’s case and provide a second opinion on their diagnosis and treatment options. Eloise has unfortunately been continuing to have seizures and in the last few days has also beenContinue reading “Another day, another prayer request: Prayer request for Great Ormond Street’s opinion”

A long – very long road ahead

A long – a very long, road ahead. Its taken us a while to know how to write this blog… Yesterday Eloise had blood tests (for biomarkers) and we met with a Neurosurgeon at St George’s in Tooting.  We previously understood that either a biopsy or surgery were going to be discussed. To be honest,Continue reading “A long – very long road ahead”