Let’s shrink this tumour!

Thank you for all the messages of support, love and follow up – including those checking in to see how Anna got on going back to school. We thought we’d share a quick update to let you know …

Eloise has started her high-dose chemotherapy protocol. It’s given via her Hickman line, round the clock, alongside fluids and various other meds to counteract the side effects of her chemotherapy. We have decided to call the machine that pumps all her fluids her ‘Stickman’ as she is attached to it 24/7.

Pete stayed with her overnight on the ward. The ward is wonderful with lovely staff and a pleasant atmosphere. Eloise has enjoyed going to the playroom (with Stickman in tow) and watching her favourite programme Raa Raa lion.

Eloise is pretty exhausted as all the chemo, observations etc are round the clock (including requiring 2 hourly nappy changes, due to all the fluids etc), so prayers for sleep for her (and Pete) would be really appreciated. We plan to each do a few nights on the ward and then switch. Eloise continues to smile and she copes so well with all the disruption. She really is a superstar.

We wait to see how Eloise reacts to the various chemo drugs – please continue to pray she doesn’t have too many side effects. She’s started to go off her food so we will see how the next few days and weeks go.

Anna loved going back to school yesterday! Thank you to those of you that prayed. We are so proud of Anna – throughout all of this, she has been exceptionally mature, kind, caring and generally fantastic.

For those that pray:

Many of the prayer points remain the same as before, but the key ones continue to be:

  • For the chemotherapy to work and shrink the tumour – to particularly shrink it away from the brain stem, so that surgery is a viable option.
  • For Eloise to not have too many side effects from the chemotherapy and for protection from infection.

14 thoughts on “Let’s shrink this tumour!

  1. We will say all the prayers for Eloise, Anna and both of you. I can’t imagine how you are all getting through this. My daughter is in Anna’s class. If you need anything please ask on the WhatsApp xx


  2. Praying for you all and my pastors are too. Your daughter is amazing and seems at peace as has been my prayer as well as for her to be healed. You are beautiful parents.




  3. The Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine on you. May all the staff see Jesus in you and be curious!!! My thoughts are with you all xx


  4. Praying every day for Eloise and for you all. Great to read that Anna has enjoyed her return to school. Praying that she can benefit from this ‘normality in a far from normal time.xx


  5. Thank you for this, it’s so helpful to be able to pray specifically. We will be praying every night for the tumour to shrink and move away from Eloise’s brain stem. Yes and Amen to this. Xx


  6. Continually praying but feel so helpless. I know that you are all in Gods hands which is the best place to be. We love you all so much. So glad that Anna hasn’t been knocked sideways by all of this. As you say Eloise is a star, bless her. Blessedly she is too young to understand why these things are happening to her, but when she gets older what a testimony she will have to tell others. God is going to get such glory from all of this. Lots of hugs to you all. Nanna and Grandpa xx


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