Liverpool, here we come….

This week has been very full – it’s been very busy in the Royal Marsden. Eloise has had (amongst the usual medications, antibiotics and observations) an MRI (Tues), blood transfusions (Sat, Sun, Tues, Wed) , GFR Kidney Test (Thur) and has been discussed at various MDT meetings.

To end the week, Eloise got discharged late this afternoon and the four of us are all home together for the first time in three weeks.

This is a very short update as we are pretty exhausted and have a lot to sort for the week ahead, but here are a few key things:

MRI Result:
Eloise’s MRI results show that the tumour has continued to grow, but potentially at a reduced rate. In short, the chemo isn’t doing what it needs to do (shrink the tumour).

As a result of the latest MRI result, various MDT teams have concluded that the only route ahead is for Eloise to have surgery to attempt to remove as much of the tumour as possible. To cut a longer story short, due to some truly phenomenal logistical and administrative work by Eloise’s Oncologist and others at the Royal Marsden, Eloise has been offered the chance to have the surgery at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool. This is significant for two reasons, the first is that Alder Hey have state of the art facilities, including an MRI machine in the operating theatre, which increases the chances of safely removing the tumour. Secondly, the Neurosurgeon at Alder Hey is a very experienced Surgeon who has a very good track record of removing tumours in this difficult area. (In his words “this is on the edge of the limits of Neurosurgery).

Eloise will therefore be having surgery to remove the tumour, this Tuesday 16th March in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.  We will all be travelling up to Liverpool on Monday and Eloise will be admitted on Monday to prepare for surgery on Tuesday.  The surgery will be all day, and, as can probably imagine – is very, very risky.  But we have no other options and are exceptionally grateful that Eloise is being given this opportunity.

Home for the weekend:
Eloise’s blood counts have come up, which means she has been allowed home!  We brought her home this evening – and Anna and Eloise were very pleased to see each other.  We therefore have the weekend together, with the amazing support of our ever-helpful parents.  Eloise still needs feeding via her NG tube and will have the community nurses visit, but the Marsden were keen for us to be able to get home and the girls have some time together, before Eloise goes for surgery.

We will write more in due course, but for now we just wanted to update you on this important stage.

Next Steps:

  • Sorting logistics for Liverpool – we are grateful that we have been offered accommodation.
  • Tomorrow: Eloise will have the community nurse visit to do Covid tests etc.
  • Monday: We will travel straight to Liverpool for Eloise to be admitted into Alder Hey.
  • Tuesday: Surgery by Mr Conor Mallucci and the team at Alder Hey, to remove the tumour (ideally all of it!).

For those that pray:

  • Pray for the logistics….it’s a lot to sort in a short period, whilst looking after Eloise who requires a lot of care
  • Pray for the tumour to shrink away from the tricky areas.  The chemo that Eloise has had can still have an affect over the coming days – so pray it helps make surgery easier, and indicates that the tumour still responds in some way to chemo.

We will send some more prayer points in due course – as we will need Eloise to be surrounded in prayer on Tuesday! 

27 thoughts on “Liverpool, here we come….

  1. Dear family – have the best week end ever -together – may the Lord bless the time. You are constantly in our prayers and will be praying for those amazing surgeons as they operate on little Eloise. May the Lord give you super strength and perseverance in these strange days. Our love XXxx


  2. Heartfelt prayers for your weekend to be special and as trouble free as possible, for smooth journey to Liverpool and successful surgery on Tuesday


  3. Thrilled to hear latest news of surgery ,praying lovely family time this weekend .praying further shrinkage of tumour to facilitate successful op for removal .praying for Eloise and all family strength ,hope and peace.praying for surgeon and team prep and skill ,wisdom and blessing .praying for Gods best successful outcome .love Judy Peter and family.


  4. Sooooo much love and prayers for you all💖💖💖💖He is able! Will be praying for you all… especially for sweet Eloise and exquisite holy skill for the Dr!!! 😘💕


  5. All our love and prayers .
    Have a special family weekend ahead of next week’s new challenge .
    God bless you all xxx


  6. We will be petitioning heaven for you all and I will be fasting on Tuesday. Praying that this weekend is sweet and special for all 4 of you. Sending you courage and love for the week ahead xxx


  7. Pleased to hear that you are all home together and hope that in spite of everything going on you are able to rest a bit and enjoy the weekend together.

    Jean, Louis and I continue to pray for you all and will do so even more on Tuesday. xx


  8. Dear Pete & Mel, am just over the moon for your all to be home this weekend. it’ll be a boost to the girls to be together!
    All points on schedule for next noted, as well as prayer points. Will cover Eloise and you all esp. on Tuesday.
    The LORD be tangibly with you even now and moreso during the operation, as He guides the hands of the surgeon(s) and his assistants!!!
    In Him,
    Honey & Glen


  9. Continuing to pray for this amazing little girl and you guys, her family too. Praying for the perfect peace of God to rest upon you all and remain with you. Praying for the surgeon and team to be rested and relaxed. Let them be guided by the Hand of God and let them not miss anything, but do a good and thorough job in removing that tumour.
    We will be praying more than ever on Tuesday,

    Baz n Kaz


  10. Eloise and the family (including the extended family) are never far from my thoughts. We will pray that God will use the doctors to eradicate the entire tumor. Know that you are not going through this alone. Love and virtual hugs all around.


  11. My prayers are with baby Eloise and the family, may the Lord be with you ,may he perfect everything that concerns your health and make u whole in Jesus name 🙏. You all are in our prayers 🙏


  12. Heya, our family is praying for yours. We hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day together today. All our love, Rachel and family xx


  13. Hello,
    My colleague Steve Goddard has got the whole team praying!
    My wife and I are based in Liverpool, do reach out if there is anything we can do to help with the Liverpool logistics. Food; Laundry; Walk , coffee – or anything else!
    With Prayers,
    Andy & Emily Simpson


  14. May the Lord fill you with the Peace that passes all understanding today. We are praying fervently for baby Eloise today and the surgeons who are taking care of her.


  15. We are praying for Eloise and the whole family. Our Father in Heaven we honour your name. Please take care of this little girl today and guide the hands of the medical team and surgeon, that they will remove all of the tumour safely, and she will be completely healed. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen


  16. We are praying for you all and will continue to as you go through this difficult time. Praying so much for Eloise and the medical team. X


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