Update Wednesday 17th

It’s been a bit of a full few days. 

On Sunday Eloise was dedicated – we are so grateful to those of you who joined online to celebrate and publically dedicate Eloise.  It really was a blessing to be able to do this before Eloise starts on her next phase of treatment.  A massive thank you to Emmaus Road for everything they did to make it happen and to go above and beyond to make it special.  It was really memorable and very special. 

Straight after the dedication (half an hour later) we were in the Royal Surrey for pre-op blood tests and Covid tests.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Eloise spent the day at the Royal Marsden to have another MRI (via general anaesethic).   She did brilliantly with her fasting (from 6am until surgery at 3pm) and really enjoyed all the toys in the Royal Marsden’s amazing playroom.

Today, Eloise had to fast again, as she was due to have the small operation to insert her Hickman line and have a lumber puncture at St George’s.  Today was more upsetting for Eloise as she was very hungry and tired, having hardly slept yesterday and having had very little food in the past couple of days.  Having blood tests when she is tired and exceptionally hungry is pretty hard going.  Unfortunately after being there (and fasting) all morning, we were told that the procedures would need to be moved to tomorrow (as Eloise is an emergency case, they are trying to slot her in when there is a cancellation). So we’ve come home and will go in first thing tomorrow.

The Hickman Line needs to be done tomorrow so that it can be used for kidney tests on Friday morning.

How do we feel?

  • Exceptionally grateful for a special dedication and for all those that joined to pray for Eloise afterwards.
  • Really sad that Eloise will have to fast tomorrow again (3rd day running) and very keen for the procedures to be done!  It’s quite hard to explain to a toddler why you are denying them so much food and having to do so many blood tests.
  • Grateful that the Royal Marsden is a great hospital with lovely facilities.
  • Being honest, sometimes rather jealous of the other parents (at St George’s) who are bringing their children in for  more ‘routine’ procedures for non-life threatening conditions.  I do sometimes just wish we were in hospital for something much more minor and that we could know we were going home (for good) in a few days.  In some ways, the Royal Marsden as a cancer hospital is easier to be in – desperately sad, but equally nice to meet people/parents/children who are going through some similar experiences.

For those that pray

  • For the operation to be done first thing tomorrow morning – so Eloise doesn’t need to fast too long (we don’t have a specific time, but have to keep fasting in the hope she can be squeezed in).
  • For the other appointments, including the kidney test, audiology appointment and meeting with a neurologist.  But in particular, for the meeting with the oncologist to discuss the MRI results and to consent to high-dose chemotherapy starting on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Update Wednesday 17th

  1. I continue praying for this little Princess, and all of you, wish all our passion and compassion.
    We keep your arms up to fight this battle and win it! You are all surrounded by His power and love!!!


  2. Thank you for yet another beautifully written, sincere and informative update on your, and more particularly, Eloise’s progress this week. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to keep asking a toddler to fast and understand absolutely why you find it easier to be at the RM hospital than either the RSH or St G’s. There’s something very comforting about all being ‘in the same boat’. Your bulletins remind us to stay in the boat with you and keep praying that the storms will pass and leave Eloise, with full sail, skimming through the water.


  3. Praying for you all Mel and Pete and for Eloise’s operation tomorrow morning. Praying for the Lord’s strength and protection for you all, and His healing power. Sending you much love Penny xx


  4. The dedication service was beautiful anf showed the love and affection so many have for your family! Also, the many prayers and support that your brothers and sisters in Christ will give during this trying time of so many unknowns. I will join in and pray for your requests!


  5. So sorry to hear that the times you are going through are increasingly distressing for you all. Praying that Eloise will be fitted in really early today.

    Much love. Miriam and John


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