Eloise Zoe

In November 2020, we found out that our daughter Eloise Zoe, has a brain tumour.

This blog is an attempt to keep people updated on how she (and we) are doing and provide some things to pray about.

Thank you for your time, prayers and support.

You can find a summary of Eloise’s journey so far, here.

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From the blog

Prayers for Friday and beyond

It’s been a full few weeks but overall Eloise has been doing excellently. She’s really made some progress and has turned the corner recently… she has much much, more energy than she’s had for the past 2 years and her sassy character is coming out. This also means we are dealing with a few more…

Happy 2023!

The December in-and-out of hospital continued, with Eloise getting both a UTI and viral infection (at the same time) during the week running up to Christmas. But after another night in hospital, some IV antibiotics and some great care, we were home and had a lovely Christmas with Mel’s family (at Mel’s Mum’s house). We…

Little update

Eloise recovered symptomatically from Flu A last week and by the weekend was doing well again. Thank you to those of you who prayed. Eloise actually had the non-live flu vaccine (a jab) a couple of days before she was admitted to hospital with flu, so the jab might have just helped her get over…

About Eloise

Born in June 2019, Eloise is a happy, clever and fun loving toddler.

Early to walk (10 months!), she has a great sense of adventure, humour and loves nothing more than to dance and sing. Thankfully she is very talented at both.

Her favourite person is her older sister, Anna.