Eloise Zoe

In November 2020, we found out that our daughter Eloise Zoe, has a brain tumour.

This blog is an attempt to keep people updated on how she (and we) are doing and provide some things to pray about.

Thank you for your time, prayers and support.

You can find a summary of Eloise’s journey so far, here.

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From the blog

Eloise honoured at school

Yesterday, Eloise’s school (Rydes Hill Preparatory School and Nursery)  marked the 2 year anniversary of Eloise’s tumour being removed, by awarding her a special girdle in the main school assembly.  It was so honouring of the school.  The Headteacher explained to the whole school a little of what Eloise had been through, calling her a…

MRI Update

Following Eloise’s MRI in late January, we had a phone consultation with the neurosurgeon last week to go over the results. Wonderfully Eloise’s scan showed no recurrence of the tumour and even some improvements to some of the peripheral CSF fluid levels. This is simply brilliant news and we are delighted. This feels like a…

About Eloise

Born in June 2019, Eloise is a happy, clever and fun loving toddler.

Early to walk (10 months!), she has a great sense of adventure, humour and loves nothing more than to dance and sing. Thankfully she is very talented at both.

Her favourite person is her older sister, Anna.