Update: Wednesday 3rd March

We’d value prayers for Eloise as she continues through her chemo cycle.

Eloise’s blood counts have come right down, as expected, as part of her chemo regime. She now has a mild temperature and is automatically put on 2 courses of antibiotics via IV as she has zero capacity (literally zero) to fight any infection. She’s been quite weak today as a result (ie not been her normal bouncy self). She’s not eating much but is getting nutrition via her NG tube. She’s also about to have her first blood transfusion today. She’s gathering lots of beads on her beads of courage. That said she’s still been playing a bit and according to all the Drs and nurses continues to be doing remarkably well!

Her partial focal seizures have unfortunately got worse again – in severity and number. She’s come off one anti-seizure medication as it was incompatible with chemotherapy and is transitioning to a new anti-seizure medication. Please pray this new medication kicks in soon as it’s been really quite distressing seeing her get worse and suffer.

How do we feel?

  • Separated as we can’t all be together.
  • Distraught and tormented by the statistical prognosis, which, coupled with seeing Eloise be poorly from chemo and the changes in anti-seizure drugs, is quite distressing.
  • Everyday we just wish we could have a ‘normal life/normal day’. Eloise has already suffered so much and her life is a world apart from most one year olds (and bluntly far from what we had envisioned for her).
  • So proud of both Eloise and Anna. Eloise is a fighter and still charms everyone even if she’s under the weather, and Anna is doing so well and is incredibly understanding and caring. They are both absolute superstars and are showing amazing resilience and strength of character.

For those that pray:

  • For Eloise’s seizures to come down.
  • For Eloise to continue to have limited side effects and for her body to be able to handle the high dose chemotherapy – for her temperature to come down and her blood counts to bounce back quickly.

13 thoughts on “Update: Wednesday 3rd March

  1. I am praying right now and every day! Also, we did pray yesterday evening in our small group from Everyday church too (every Tuesday).


  2. Lord we enter into the spiritual realm and pray with one voice. Voice of God that is powerful and majestic, speak with mercy and remember Eloise! Blood of Jesus Christ, Blood of The Lamb, Blood of Atonement Healing and Redemption; that speaks better things than the blood of Abel, speak with mercy and favour upon Eloise. Hear o Lord as we pray. Let healing flow. Let the leaves from the Tree of Life be released unto her. Balm of Gilead arise in mercy and remember Eloise. Shut the doors of resistance to treatment. God of suddenly arise and tear down every obstacle and barrier standing in the path of Eloise’s treatment in Jesus Name. Foul spirits of infirmity and fear devouring the good news of this family burn by fire and let God’s people go in the Name of Jesus Christ. Sovereign King, release 12 legions of angels to assist the medical teams and this family in Jesus Name. By the Power that raised Christ from the dead, let the Spirit of Resurrection give power to Eloise’s mortal body and let her healing take effect now in Jesus Name. Praying with you and sending lots of love xxx


  3. Praying in earnest for you and particularly Eloise. We are with you in the raging battle. I hope you will be encouraged to know that I am frequently awake in the night praying for your little warrior. So I know the Lord has this. I have a yellow ribbon tied to my bedside light too which is my Eloise reminder. Sending love and prayers x


  4. My friends and family keep you all in our prayers, and may the angels be surrounding little Eloise with their protection during her treatment, and you will all feel the love of Jesus within you.xxx


  5. Thanks for the update. I continue to pray for Eloise and for you all, as does my homegroup and my men’s prayer group. May the blood of Jesus wash over the whole situation, take away the seizures, reduce the tumour and bring peace, comfort and rest to you all. God Bless


  6. Thank you for taking the time to keep us in the loop about what’s going on with Eloise’s treatment and for writing with such honesty about how you are feeling. Our hearts ache for you and we will keep on praying. Much love.


  7. I just wanted you to know that I wrestle with God in prayer daily about your beautiful daughter, her treatment, and healing.
    Bless this family.


  8. 😕So sad to hear this… but so thankful for God’s peace and presence that comforts and holds you close… He is in control! He sees you. He knows. He cares. And His love is enormous. Keeping you all in prayer, sweet ones! 🥰😘💕love you!


  9. I pray that the transitioning to the new anti-seizure medication goes well for Eloise ( the fighter).
    Lord Jesus please uphold Melissa and Peter’s precious daughter and make them all strong during this time. Amen


  10. Praying every day for you, for this tumour to shrink and move, for incredible supernatural strength for all of you. Sending you courage and so much love xx


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