Please join us online for Eloise’s Dedication tomorrow (Sunday 14th February) at 10.30am

Our darling Eloise is very special to us, and for us, thanking God for her and dedicating her to Him is a really important part of our spiritual journey.

Due to Covid we never managed to dedicate Eloise last year (we planned to do it in April).  But over the last couple of days, our wonderful church Emmaus Road Guildford, has managed to help organise for us to dedicate Eloise in a Covid-secure way, and for it to be part of the Sunday morning service tomorrow (Sunday 14th).

We would love you to join with us online, in dedicating Eloise and praying for her.  The Dedication will be at the end of the service, and there will be a time for people to also join in a Zoom prayer meeting straight after the Dedication to pray for Eloise.  We would love you to join for this – you will be able to write your prayers in the comments stream on Zoom and a few people will be able to pray verbally.

Please join the service Live Stream at 10.30am tomorrow (Sunday 14th February):

(It would be easier to watch via the live stream, rather than YouTube, so you can get the link to the Zoom prayers).

We also want to say a massive thank you for the continued outpouring of kindness, messages, cards, gifts, meals etc.  We feel so blessed.  Sorry for the times we don’t reply or acknowledge them – we really are grateful.

10 thoughts on “Please join us online for Eloise’s Dedication tomorrow (Sunday 14th February) at 10.30am

  1. It is a real privilege to be praying with you for youor beautiful daughter and we will continue to do so. We shan’t be with you at the dedication tomorrow but wll be praying that it is a time of huge blessing and a ‘thin’ space where you will all sense the presence and touch of our loving and living God. The Lord bless and keep you Joy Wright Don’t even think about replies!! xxxx



  2. What a perfect time to be having Eloise’s dedication ceremony. I shall be watching! Thank you and may God bless you all xx


  3. Praying peace, love and joy on this special occasion. May God’s love shine through the face of Eloise and be manifest amongst you, giving healing, energy and strength. Be blessed guys.


  4. A very moving service of dedication. Thank you for sharing it. Our prayers for Eloise and you all continue. X


  5. Hello to you all, we can’t begin to understand how tough this must be for you all, but we are praying for God’s grace to protect you and enable you to get some peace and rest amidst all the different issues that will be racing through your minds. With our love. Nick & Sue.


  6. Hi Family,
    I would like to share with you this song, very powerful to sing in the middle of this tough battle.

    We are keeping your arms high praying for you every day Eloise (and Family)!

    Stay strong, because inspite it may look like you are surrounded (in this trouble) you are surrounded by Him! This is how we fight this battle. When we believe him, He blesses us!

    I love you precious family!


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