Prayers for MRI, favour and wisdom

The two EMRT experts, who we emailed very late on Friday night, both got back to us over the weekend. They both provided detailed emails with some of the critical areas to consider, showed some of the scans to their local teams for further analysis and advice and kindly connected us with a Neurosurgeon in the UK.

The Neurosurgeon phoned us on Sunday to also offer his advice and assistance (he works in the NHS).

Throughout this journey we have been humbled by the speed, care and love that so many important, busy Drs and Professors have shown to us. As one of the experts highlighted – acting quickly is critical when treating ETMRs – so we are especially grateful for their fast replies.

Both experts agree that Eloise needs surgery to remove the tumour and for us to do this as soon as we can.

Tomorrow Eloise has an MRI (her 4th) to check what impact the chemotherapy has had on her tumour. Hopefully, the chemo will have stalled the growth of the tumour and ideally, it will have shrunk it. Specifically, it would be amazing if the tumour has reduced away from the brain stem, which is what is making surgery so risky.

The Royal Marsden/St George’s MDT will re-review Eloise’s case again on Friday, in light of the latest MRI, to discuss whether surgery is an option.

Eloise’s case will also be reviewed by another MDT team from Alder Hey (Liverpool) – most likely on Tuesday (tomorrow). This will be the MDT that includes the NHS Neurosurgeon who has successfully removed an ETMR.

Alongside this Eloise is now starting to rapidly loose her hair. Whilst we knew this day would come, it is hard to fully prepare yourself for seeing your daughter’s beautiful blonde hair fall out in large clumps without feeling overwhelming sad.

For those that pray:

  • Praise for the fast and detailed response from the ETMR experts.
  • Pray that the tumour has responded to the chemotherapy. Specifically, that the tumour has come away from the brain stem.
  • Pray for wisdom for the various MDT’s and specifically the neurosurgeons, who have to make complex decisions. Ideally we would like the Neurosurgeons all to agree that the tumour is operable and for them to feel confident of a gross total resection (i.e. taking it all out)
  • Pray for favour and wisdom for us as we navigate various medical advice, processes and decisions this week.
  • Pray for continued strength and energy for us to keep fighting for Eloise. Anna is now starting to really miss Eloise and finding it difficult not having her parents around, together. She is doing so well but verbalises how much she is missing Eloise and us.

13 thoughts on “Prayers for MRI, favour and wisdom

  1. Lord would you put everything in place for little Eloise, We ask for your hand to be upon every aspect of her healing and recovery. I ask for supernatural speed of processes, responses and procedures that need to be put in place. For Wisdom, certainty and clarity in decisions that need to be made. Comfort Anna, Pete and Mel in their times of separation and provide for all their needs as they trust in you for the next steps


  2. Continuing to pray for wisdom and strength to cope with these completely overwhelming things. Praying for you all. Xxx


  3. Mel and Pete, we are praying with our cell group for Eloise and you all as a family.
    May God strengthen you and We pray this tumour be reduced in Jesus’ name!

    ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ 2 Cor 12:9


  4. Lifting up your precious family in prayer so much at this time, and specifically this week as you make decisions and hear back from surgeons.


  5. Please Lord may your intervention be a powerful
    source in the MDT meetings .
    Thankyou for your ever present help towards Eloise Pete , Melissa and Anna 🙏 x


  6. Praying every day that the tumour comes away from the brain stem. Commanding it off, in Jesus’ precious name. Praying healing, health and abundant life over this beautiful little warrior. (I am a friend of Ross and Yvonne). Sending you all love.


  7. Hi Pete and Mel, I came to your story via my mother who is a member of your church. I’m sure you are overwhelmed with information at the moment, but wanted to let you know that I’m a paediatric neuro anaesthetist at Kings and work with a paediatric neurosurgeon who operates on paediatric brainstem tumours regularly. If you want to run anything by him, he is very happy to be contacted. Or if you have any questions about the anaesthetic for surgery down the line ask away.


  8. Praying every day that this tumour will shrink and move away from the brain stem. And that your family will receive supernatural strength to keep fighting. Sending you so much love, my words seem very inadequate but know that you have so many people behind you and surrounding you.


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