No Evidence of Disease on MRI scan! (…but not all clear)

The scan showed no evidence of any tumour regrowth! Hallelujah and … phew! It’s been a pretty hectic and stressful past couple of weeks and these were the lines we wanted to hear. We are extremely grateful to the NHS for their combined and prompt response to Eloise’s seizures restarting, resulting in rapid appointments with:Continue reading “No Evidence of Disease on MRI scan! (…but not all clear)”

MRI brought forward – please pray and ask others to pray too

It’s been a busy and hugely challenging week, where Eloise has had seizures almost everyday. The reoccurrence of Eloise’s seizures have accelerated a lot of conversations, hospital admissions and tests. Yesterday we saw Eloise’s Epilepsy consultant, who graciously gave us a lot of her time for us to pepper her with a lot of ourContinue reading “MRI brought forward – please pray and ask others to pray too”

Please pray – seizures have returned

It’s been a while since we last sent out an update. Since then Eloise has settled into nursery really well, with the excellent care of all the Rydes Hill school family, her teachers and from her 1:1 support. Eloise has started to develop some genuine friendships and is especially enjoying ballet on a Wednesday morning.Continue reading “Please pray – seizures have returned”

First day at nursery and an update on next steps

Today Eloise had her first (well 1 hour session) at nursery school!  A big milestone for any child, but for her, this feels enormous.  To have survived and to have been able to attend a nursery is incredible. We are forever indebted to the fantastic Rydes Hill Preparatory School and Nursery for everything they haveContinue reading “First day at nursery and an update on next steps”

Celebrating the end of treatment and a positive MRI result

Yesterday was a momentous day. We found out that Eloise’s latest MRI scan was all clear and Eloise got to ring the bell at the Royal Marsden to signal the end of all her active cancer treatment. Quite simply, this is a stunning statement and wonderful news. We are so grateful and indebted to soContinue reading “Celebrating the end of treatment and a positive MRI result”

Grateful for a holiday and no tube!

So Eloise had her last dose of isotretinoin chemotherapy on Friday 5th August. Half an hour later the community nurse took her NG tube out, as Eloise takes all the other medications orally and also is taking a supplement orally (alongside food – although this is still relatively limited in variety). Ending the final roundContinue reading “Grateful for a holiday and no tube!”