Some days are harder…

So the last day hasn’t gone quite so well.Eloise has become unsteady and trembly, which we were concerned could be hydrocephalus, as it was similar to her previous hydrocephalus symptoms. So yesterday we spent the whole day in St Georges Hospital (Tooting) for Eloise to be checked, have a CT scan and then have herContinue reading “Some days are harder…”

The fight continues, but Eloise is winning!

People talk about fighting cancer and it being a battle, and goodness me, it is. With grade 4 malignant brain tumours there are no ‘quick wins’ – it’s a long fight…. But today’s news: Eloise (with heaven’s armies) is winning! This afternoon we spoke with Eloise’s oncologist who said her scans are stable. There isContinue reading “The fight continues, but Eloise is winning!”

Full week – Intrathecal chemo round 4 and waiting for MRI results

Just a short update.Monday’s MRI at St George’s went as smoothly as possible. Eloise didn’t wait too long being nil by mouth and the shunt was adjusted whilst she was in recovery – absolutely amazing service 😄. Tuesday was a day at home, only with a community nurse visit. Wednesday was Eloise’s intrathecal chemo dayContinue reading “Full week – Intrathecal chemo round 4 and waiting for MRI results”

Crucial MRI tomorrow, please pray

Tomorrow is another critically important day for Eloise.Tomorrow Eloise will have an MRI to monitor how she is doing. Without wishing to sound like a broken record, it is hard to understate the importance of tomorrow’s MRI result. In her last MRI (July 20), Eloise was declared in complete remission / No Evidence of DiseaseContinue reading “Crucial MRI tomorrow, please pray”

The parallel world of parenting a toddler battling brain cancer

We’ve been debating about writing this post for a while.  Much of our recent posts have been celebrating Eloise’s victories – and there have been many, but we haven’t always given much of an insight into the parallel world in which we find ourselves.  The rules of life for us are just so different toContinue reading “The parallel world of parenting a toddler battling brain cancer”

Give thanks – Superstar Eloise and Round 3 tomorrow

Eloise is the best she has been in 2021!  Her language is coming on, her character is coming out and she’s getting physically stronger.  She’s a very sweet girl, with a great sense of humour, and is very much an extrovert that assumes everyone will want to play with her. Her smile and laughter areContinue reading “Give thanks – Superstar Eloise and Round 3 tomorrow”

Celebrating the good days – with a new addition to the family

There have been many, many hard days during this brain cancer journey – but the last couple of weeks we have had more fun, a few more smiles and much more ‘play’ than we’ve had for a long time.  So we are celebrating and grateful for the good days. Eloise seems to be tolerating thisContinue reading “Celebrating the good days – with a new addition to the family”

Round #2 – How is Eloise doing?

When people ask, ‘how’s Eloise doing?’ I never quite know what to say. She’s relatively ‘well’ but then I take a step back and think ‘heck no, she’s not doing well for a 2 year old?!’. It’s really hard to know what to expect, what is now seen as ‘well’ (because she is not aContinue reading “Round #2 – How is Eloise doing?”