Chemo Round 8 starting tomorrow…

So Eloise has done 7 rounds of her maintenance chemotherapy! 5 months to go….

Tomorrow, Eloise is due to have her 8th intrathecal chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden. We’d be grateful if you could pray this goes smoothly, there are no unexpected hiccups and that Eloise tolerates the general anaesthetic and chemotherapy well.

Eloise generally seems to have a couple of weaker days after intrathecal chemo, followed by 10 ‘better days’ when she only takes one chemo drug orally. The second half of the cycle (when she takes a second chemo drug orally) Eloise seems to be less energetic, get sore skin and lose her appetite.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks that Eloise was with No Evidence of Disease at the last scan. Pray this continues and that the chemotherapy kills any remaining cells and inhibits any cancer cells ever growing!
  • Pray that the intrathecal chemo goes well tomorrow – that Eloise tolerates being nil-by-mouth, the GA and the chemo.
  • Pray that Eloise tolerates this round ok – without too many side effects (sore skin, loss of appetite etc).
  • Pray for protection against infection which continues to be such a risk for Eloise.

5 thoughts on “Chemo Round 8 starting tomorrow…

  1. We shall be praying for Eloise tomorrow. Praise God for His goodness mercy and love .

    With our love .


    Elaine Garner and prayer warriors from Soteria Christian Fellowship


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