Try again (Chemo #6)

After last week’s delay, Eloise is due to start her 6th round of maintenance chemotherapy tomorrow.  Please pray this goes ahead and she can have the intrathecal chemotherapy.  We will also meet with Eloise’s oncologist to discuss various things, including her tremors. Quick prayers that the chemo can go ahead tomorrow would be really appreciated! Continue reading “Try again (Chemo #6)”

Hermits for the next 7 months

Unfortunately today Eloise was unable to have her intrathecal chemotherapy. Eloise and I got to the Marsden early, but unfortunately the consultants feel she isn’t well enough to have a General Anaesthetic and for more chemo. Her cold is still on her chest a bit. Rather disappointing as we thought ‘we were doing ok’ asContinue reading “Hermits for the next 7 months”

Quick prayers for Eloise tomorrow – starting Chemo (#6)

Tomorrow Eloise has her 6th intrathecal chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden.We would value prayers for: Logistics to go smoothly and for Eloise to tolerate being nil by mouth before the general anaesthetic. Please pray she’s not too ‘hangry’. For limited side effects eg no temperature spike and any loss of appetite to be limited etc.Continue reading “Quick prayers for Eloise tomorrow – starting Chemo (#6)”

Port is in, Eloise is exhausted but Christmas is bringing some fun

On Thursday Pete and I were walking into Anna’s nativity when we get a call to ask if Eloise can come into the Marsden in a couple of hours’ time for a minor op for the insertion of a port later that day.  We agree to it (of course we would!), continue to go andContinue reading “Port is in, Eloise is exhausted but Christmas is bringing some fun”

Currently having intrathecal chemo (#5) …

The last few days have been a bit unpredictable – Eloise’s midline stopped working so bloods were taken ‘normally’ (i.e. via a needle in the arm) and she also pulled her NG tube out, which had to be replaced. So, we’ve had a few extra trips to hospital. As always, we’ve received excellent care andContinue reading “Currently having intrathecal chemo (#5) …”

Setbacks but praying Eloise now gets stronger

The last few days have been pretty full-on.  Eloise ended up going into St Georges on Sunday afternoon, ready for minor surgery to remove her hickman line on Monday.  Unfortunately, as Eloise was on the emergency list for theatre, and needed to just go when a slot was free, she didn’t actually go to theatreContinue reading “Setbacks but praying Eloise now gets stronger”

Oh rats! Minor surgery probably on the cards this week…

Poor Eloise has had a pretty rough week that has involved some rather (logistically) trying hospital hokey-cokey: Sunday: (IN and then OUT) – Day spent in St George’s A&E getting shunt adjusted. Monday: (OUT and then IN) – Eloise went to bed at home but then woke in the night with a fever and we take herContinue reading “Oh rats! Minor surgery probably on the cards this week…”

Some days are harder…

So the last day hasn’t gone quite so well.Eloise has become unsteady and trembly, which we were concerned could be hydrocephalus, as it was similar to her previous hydrocephalus symptoms. So yesterday we spent the whole day in St Georges Hospital (Tooting) for Eloise to be checked, have a CT scan and then have herContinue reading “Some days are harder…”