This time last year… the story of prayer, brain surgery, a miracle and a determined girl

A year ago today Eloise had her life-changing surgery to remove a cancerous tumour – right in the middle of her brain (in the tectal plate, pineal region, brain stem area of the brain).

Prior to this, neurosurgeons from all across London and the SE had told us it was in a very, very risky location for surgery and that they were VERY unlikely to get it out (hence they hadn’t done surgery up until this point). But after seeking out a second opinion – a neurosurgeon in Liverpool, Conor Mallucci, said he would give it a go, using an intraoperative MRI. And amazingly he got it out and Eloise had a ‘Gross Total Resection (GTR).

If you look back at the blog from those days last year you will see Conor actually initially said he’d left some ‘straggly bits’ around the instantly-deadly Vein of Gallen. But the next morning, whilst Eloise was in intensive care, Conor came down to tell us that the scans ‘looked really good’ and the radiologists had said it was a Gross Total Resection. With those words we knew that Eloise still had a chance (no matter how small).

We still don’t know what happened (the neurosurgeons don’t really have an explanation either) but those ‘straggly bits’ aren’t there any more! With those words ‘Gross Total Resection’ we felt God had done a miracle, and she still had a chance. We also knew Eloise would need countless more miracles to defy the odds (even with a GTR, the vast majority of children with ETMRs don’t survive many months).

And here she is today – having had miracles to access literally pioneering treatment here in the UK (she’s the first UK person to receive some elements of it!) and with her last scan showing No Evidence of Cancer.

To be honest we could say so many things about this, but for now we just want to say;

Thank you Jesus for doing a miracle in Eloise’s life!

Thank you to the thousands of people who prayed. We are humbled, grateful and felt (and feel) surrounded by an army of people interceding for our little girl.

And we pray that the miracle that He started, that He will bring to completion. Defying the odds, cancer-free, full health restored and life in abundance for our darling girl….a story of prayer changing things!

Eloise earlier today

15 thoughts on “This time last year… the story of prayer, brain surgery, a miracle and a determined girl

  1. Thank you Jesus and thank you to Conor Mallucci and all the medical team who have cared for her over the past year. Thank you Mel, Pete and Anna. Eloise has fantastic Mum Dad and sister. It has been a privilege to join with the thousands who have and continue to pray and pray hard for Eloise and Mum Dad and Anna. We believe God has healed her. We pray with thanksgiving. Thank you Mel for your updates. Appreciated. Thank you Jesus.


  2. Hallelujah, Praise God for all that He has done in the past year and praying for all that He will do in the next. We feel so privileged to walk this way with you Mel and Pete and to see all these miracles. God bless you all abundantly. With our love and prayers Ann & Clive


  3. God bless you all, Dear Father God surround this precious family with safety peace comfort and hope. Amen.

    Love David and Lynda xx


  4. Rejoicing with you for His faithful care and love! Big hugs! 🥰💖 Zephaniah 3:17- The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing! (And He certainly HAS!😉🥰)


  5. Oh bless, we all prayed for a miracle and to defy all the odds against her!

    God heard our prayers!

    It truly is a miracle!

    I’m crying tears of happiness here!

    God bless you all! Well continue to pray!



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