Eloise has MRI

Just a short update. Eloise had her MRI today at St Georges. Thank you for those that prayed – her cold improved and came off her chest, and she was well enough for the General Anaesthetic. So grateful!!!

We now await the results…

The current plan is for Eloise to have intrathecal chemotherapy Round 7 on Wednesday and then an appointment with Eloise’s neurosurgeon on Thursday. We hope to get the MRI results ahead of the chemo…

How do we feel?

To be honest just quite whacked! It’s weird how after these ‘key moments’ your body catches up on you.
And for now, we just wait – and try to distract ourselves whilst we do.
And we continue to be incredibly proud of our lovely girl who goes through so much, but shows incredible resilience and strength of character.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks that Eloise had the MRI today with no big hiccups.
  • Pray the scan shows Eloise remains NED (with No Evidence of Disease)!
  • Pray for any other aspects that the scan might show – the last scan showed low pressure and micro-haemorrhages.  Pray that the scan shows nothing alarming or concerning.  Pray the scan is helpful in adjusting Eloise’s shunt (if that’s what’s needed) and for wisdom for the neurosurgeons and team as they look at the scans and decide if anything needs doing/adjusting.
  • Pray for us and our wider family, as we wait for the results…

7 thoughts on “Eloise has MRI

  1. Thank you for the updates.
    Praying as you ask particularly for MRI result and for the peace of the Holy Spirit to
    “Permeate your very being “ as you and your loved ones await the results .
    May our loving Lord hold you and bless you .
    Love Penny x


  2. Praying all as you requested ,for no evidence of further micro bleeds ,good report no evidence of disease , ,and for health and strength for all. Suprernatural energy and strength and faith in this hard and painful weary journey for Eloise and all who are family, friends and medics to continue with resiliance and belief in Your positive outcome in all this Lord for everyone.Trusting in Your love to see them all through this waiting time and appointment on news of her progress in this battle at such a tender age ,You have already done this with Your victorious shedding of blood on the cross Lord, bless them all . Thank you Judy Edwards.and family and Bristol healing rooms ,family .


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