Encouraging early news!

We have been informed that the Oncologists at the Royal Marsden have been forwarded the scans from Friday and from their review “the scans appear stable and look fine”. We still need to wait for the full radiologists report to get the final findings but indicatively – it looks like it is really good news!

We are absolutely thrilled (and a little shattered emotionally) – this is simply amazing news! This is another significant milestone along the long road to survival and we don’t take it lightly, we are truly grateful. Thank you for all the messages and prayers of support, encouragement and love.

Eloise also completed another milestone this week – having her first, ever haircut. We vividly remember the morning that Eloise lost her hair in the Royal Marsden (only 19 months old) and then walked into the playroom – saw herself in the mirror and then fell on the floor and burst into tears saying ‘hair gone, hair gone!’. Tonight was a special night we thought we might not experience. One nice milestone to celebrate the other.   

Eloise thoroughly enjoying her first, ever haircut

Given the positive scan indications, Eloise had more blood tests today in preparation to start her 7th round of maintenance chemo tomorrow. Unfortunately it now looks like this won’t happen due to admin reasons, which isn’t ideal.

We have meetings booked with Eloise’s Oncologist and Neurosurgeon later this week which may make finding a new chemo slot logistically challenging – prayers for this would be much appreciated.

How do we feel?

  • Grateful, utterly grateful
  • … and tired, but mostly grateful
  • Also really chuffed to see Eloise enjoying life a bit more.  Her zest for life seems to be slowly returning. Instead of saying ‘go home’ she’s frequently said ‘No, stay!’ ‘More’ ‘Again’ to activities, playdates with her cousins and little trips out this past week. We know things are up and down and this might not be sustained, but it’s so wonderful to see her happier.

For those that pray:

  • Thank God for His wonderful protection and healing
  • Please pray that the full radiology results confirm the early positive review and that there is no sign of cancer!
  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss potentially resetting Eloise’s shunt
  • Please pray that we can fit in Eloise’s chemo this week – without too much delay and too many complications

15 thoughts on “Encouraging early news!

  1. Thanks Pete and Melissa for update and news. Love the hair cut picture. truly wonderful.
    much love.
    Seringa and Bob


  2. Great news and lovely to see Eloise having her hair cut!! Hope the radiology results totally confirm the early review and that Eloise gets her chemo this week. And that she continues to enjoy life!!


  3. Superb news. What a fantastic inspiration this little fighter is. Such a privilege to pray continued healing, protection and strength to continue on this journey. May you all be blessed with energy and strength to overcome. XXXX


  4. So delighted with you Mel Pete and Anna and the whole family. Our thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father along with gratitude to all the medical team. Our prayers continue along with the prayer request you ask. The Lord be with you all.


  5. Praise the lord for the positive indications so far. Lovely to see such shining healthy hair.
    We continue to pray for continued energy and joy in life that every little girl should know and for you all on this exhausting journey


  6. Such a lovely picture and hope filled news. Our love and prayers follow you all on this journey and have done since the beginning. Poor in Grace and more Grace Father and little oases of refreshment for mum and dad!


  7. Dear Pet and Mel
    It is really exiting thing to us about the recovery of Eloise. We praise God for laying His healing hands up on her. We continue to uphold her in our prayers.


  8. Pete & Melissa,
    You ALL remain in my thoughts and prayers. So thankful for the great news. Thanks for your ongoing posts. We have many faithful people in our church who are also praying regularly for you all. Love from Seattle, Stan


  9. Such great news. Her beautiful golden hair back again. Thanks to the “Rosary Crew with Keith Nester” has added another group of faithful prayer warriors. Worldwide. Over 1.1k views have become aware of Eloise. Prayer is powerful.
    Love Rosie


  10. Thank you Lord for this wonderful encouragement .
    Praying as you ask , so lovely to see her having her hair cut , so cute . God bless you all, love Penny xx


  11. Overjoyed to see this, thank you for sharing! Continuing to hold you in our prayers for more encouraging news this week. What stunning picture of Eloise and her beautiful hair xxxx


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