MRI brought forward – please pray and ask others to pray too

It’s been a busy and hugely challenging week, where Eloise has had seizures almost everyday.

The reoccurrence of Eloise’s seizures have accelerated a lot of conversations, hospital admissions and tests.

Yesterday we saw Eloise’s Epilepsy consultant, who graciously gave us a lot of her time for us to pepper her with a lot of our questions.

Whilst the consultant was expecting Eloise to potentially have seizures again, she perhaps wasn’t expecting them at this time, especially with Eloise on such high dosages of anti-epileptic drugs. Unfortunately the consultant is not convinced that the seizures are a result of reducing Eloise’s Sodium Valporate and more likely to be as a result of surgery/scarring or something irritating her brain (eg a tumour). Mercifully the consultant noted that the seizures, in their current form, are unlikely to be damaging for Eloise in the short term. Eloise has been referred on for another EEG test – to see if we can identify the area of the brain affected.

As a result of the meeting, we will make some minor tweaks to Eloise’s meds while we wait for the results of her MRI and wait for advice from a new neurologist at St George’s. Seizure control is looking like it might be very tricky to manage (no matter the underlying cause).

The MRI has been brought forward from mid December to this Monday morning (Oct 31st). We will then meet with the Neurosurgeon on Monday afternoon (a routine appointment that was already in the diary). The scan and Eloise’s case will be discussed at the MDT meeting on Friday and we will then speak with Eloise’s Oncologist in the afternoon.

Some of these appointments were routine appointments that have been booked in for a while but others were not and it feels like a rapid acceleration of concern and medical intervention.

The return of seizures has been extremely disappointing and traumatic for all of us and we had hoped that we might get some level of assurance and comfort from meeting with the epilepsy consultant. However, we ultimately left feeling concerned and distressed about how disconcerted she (and the other medical professionals) are, evidenced by the MRI being brought forward. Everyone is just ‘hoping the MRI doesn’t show any tumour recurrence’ and the seizures are from scarring, but the language being used by medical professionals is certainly not as confident as we’d like…

This is not a situation we wanted to be in and it is very challenging and anxiety inducing being fast tracked for tests alongside not knowing if the seizures will be controlled.

Please pray for us in the build up to and results of this very important scan.


  • Pray for a clear MRI scan that shows NED and no new issues – to be honest this feels very nerve wracking right now.
  • Pray for peace for us all, including Anna and our wider family this week.
  • Pray that we have a helpful meeting with the Neurosurgeon on Monday
  • Pray that we get clarity and peace on the cause of the seizures and that we can treat and control the seizures.
  • Pray the seizures stop!
  • Pray that Eloise can enjoy life in all its fullness and that these seizures don’t slow down her recovery or ability to make healthy friendships at nursery

22 thoughts on “MRI brought forward – please pray and ask others to pray too

  1. You are all in my prayers each day as you travel this unbearable journey with such dignity and Grace. I will be guided by what you have spoken of as a focus to prayer. God Bless you all.


  2. How are hearts go out to you all. What a distressing and traumatic you are having. Sure we will be praying for you all and all the appointments and investigations you face

    Big love and hugs

    Miriam and John xx


  3. Ohh, bless! I’m sure there is much concern over the reoccurrence of the seizures. 💔 Praying for peace during this unknown time and that there is no new growth. Will pray that answers are found quickly


  4. Dearest Mel & Pete, we’ve been praying from first receiving Yvonne’s text. Will be praying into your prayer points & calling down the LORD’s mercy for an immediate divine intervention.
    We include you both & Anna in all our prayers.
    Psalms 62:1-2 NLT
    I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.


  5. Hold onto the Lord. You have seen His hand at work.

    May God give you such strength, courage and peace in these difficult days.

    Praying for you all 🙏



  6. Come Holy Spirit , praying for complete healing and as as you ask for Eloise , Anna , yourselves and family and all medical teams involved . May God bless you and hold you very close . Penny xxx


  7. We haven’t been in touch since uni days but I came across this blog a while ago and have been praying. My heart is heavy for you at this latest news. I’m on my knees in prayer, along with others from my church. May God bless, protect and heal you and your precious daughters. He is mighty to save.


  8. We are united in prayer with you all, for Eloise, and for Anna, Mel and Pete. Praying and believing for all that you have asked.


  9. I’m so sorry to read the latest news. A Christian brother has been sharing your messages with me and I’ve been praying since the start. Have been upholding you all in prayer at this particularly anxious time. Praying for full healing and for you all to be flooded with an inexplicable peace that can only come from our Lord. God bless you all. Matthew


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