Eloise at home

Thank you for those that have been praying. It was a challenging day yesterday but Eloise is home and the CT scan showed no hydrocephalus. We had a nerve racking few hours as were told the CT scan showed ‘pathological changes’ that needed comparing with previous scans, so these were sent to St George’s. A neurosurgeon looked at them and said there is nothing acutely concerning and no obvious changes. So nothing to do for now and we will wait to see how Eloise does while we wait for the next MRI.

Today Eloise had a very short episode again. Please pray these stop and we can work out how best to support her. She’s on 2 other very strong anti-epileptics in addition to the sodium valproate (that she had at a super charged dose for chemo purposes but also acts as an anti-epileptic).

For those that pray:

  • Pray for wisdom for the meetings we have on Wednesday with the oncologist and epilepsy consultant
  • Pray we get a reassuring MRI soon
  • Pray for these episodes to stop
  • Pray for continued peace

16 thoughts on “Eloise at home

  1. Very happy to hear your latest news with the results of the CT scan. Hope you can all have a well deserved rest now, that Eloise has no more episodes and that the results of the MRI show everything is fine.


  2. Lord we ask for your wisdom and love to reign down on Eloise and her family at this time. Please may her episodes cease and bring peace into everyones hearts.


  3. Thanks for keeping us all updated on how you are all doing. We will continue to pray for peace and the seizures to stop. Much love from Seattle (Issaquah) in Washington State. Virtual hugs all around. Stan


  4. Hi Mel and Pete,

    Rest assured that we will continue to pray for Eloise and you all.

    Love and best wishes

    John & Miriam


  5. We continue to pray and uphold you all at this time. God is good all the time and Eloise will come through this. She is going to be a mighty woman of God.
    Our love to you all from Soteria Christian Fellowship x


  6. We will uphold Eloise and all the family in these anxious times .Praising as no serious signs on ct scan. Mri to also be done soon and results be good.
    Believing God is touching her and bringing peace into her body. and seizures to cease. Judy and family .all praying
    Sharing to healing rooms Bristol.


  7. In communion of prayer for Eloise-Zoe and the whole family…we continue praying for her every day. God’s Peace, comfort and strength to you.


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