Happy 2023!

The December in-and-out of hospital continued, with Eloise getting both a UTI and viral infection (at the same time) during the week running up to Christmas. But after another night in hospital, some IV antibiotics and some great care, we were home and had a lovely Christmas with Mel’s family (at Mel’s Mum’s house).

We had some very special moments and the girls loved all the Christmas magic and fun. We even had Mel’s Grandparents with us at Mel’s Mum’s for Christmas. Sadly Mel’s Grandpa passed away a couple of days after we left.

We’ve had some lovely family time but unfortunately yesterday/today Eloise has picked up another infection so we are back in hospital. Looks like it’s tonsillitis so we hope to be able to go home later with some oral antibiotics.

Next week Eloise has a range of appointments- an opthalmologist appt at St George’s, an endocrinology appt at The Royal Marsden and an epilepsy consultant at the Royal Surrey. Hopefully she will be fully recovered by then and also be able to return to nursery later next week.

How do we feel?

Grateful that Eloise has made it to 2023! We actually started to believe this Christmas that it might not be Eloise’s last and that we could look forward to future ones with her… that’s actually quite remarkable.

Grateful that the issues we are currently dealing with are ‘more normal childhood’ illnesses (even if it impacts Eloise more severely) and even if it requires more hospital trips.

Grateful for the kind hospital staff. We feel bad having to come in each time (we get told to come in as it’s the protocol) and each time hope to avoid it, but the staff are so kind nonetheless.

Weary – it was a lovely Christmas but it’s been flanked with illness. Anna is also asking lots of very pertinent questions about childhood cancer, death, and everything in between. Unusual but privileged conversations to be having with a 6-year-old.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks that Eloise made it to 2023! Below is a picture of her on a rocking horse at Mel’s Mum’s house. She is finally strong enough to sit on it without someone holding her! Eloise is getting stronger! Praise God!
  • Give thanks that the last scan showed she was NED. Pray the next one (end of Jan) continues to show that too.
  • Pray for wisdom with all the upcoming appts.
  • Pray for Mel’s extended family as they grieve the loss of Great Grandpa. A lovely man who when he said goodbye to us on Tuesday, prayed a blessing over Anna and Eloise. What a heritage and we are so grateful to him and Mel’s Nanna

11 thoughts on “Happy 2023!

  1. Bless her a beautiful photograph we continue to pray for you all as a family for healing, for rest and for a good recovery Godbless Lynda and David xx


  2. Great you had a lovely Christmas and love the photo of Eloise on the rocking horse! She is looking healthy and happy!


  3. How lovely Eloise looks astride her pony! It is an answer to so many prayers that you were all able to enjoy a four generation Christmas, grateful to have reached this milestone. God bless you as you visit the hospitals and talk with the medical staff in the coming days.
    Praying for you all.


  4. Thanking God for His provision & faithfulness through all generations. Praying that Eloise’s NED status continues & that there are positive outcomes from next week’s consultations.


  5. Happy New Year to you all.Please pass on our best to Mel in her sad time .Sounds like she had a very special Grand pa. Praying that last Christmas and his blessing will be a special God given memory for her and children and whole family
    .Amazing news of her new strength to sit on the rocking horse.What a beautiful picture.
    Praying against these bugs and that all consults can take place as Jesus has healed her for being fit enough.
    Praying for you all and Anna especially for answers and help with ‘ tough questions’ what an amazing little girl to try to understand all that has happened.
    Praying she and Eloise will know God’s precious comfort and arms around them.

    will pass this on as usual to Bristol Heali
    ng Rooms many who pray and support you all.
    Love in Jesus thank you for sharing your deepest needs so glad to be on this journey.Praying for scan end of January to continue to be NED God’s blessings for a good infection free energised time with lots of play fun and learning for both girls.


  6. Praise God that Eloise is still with you and doing well. So sad that grandpa has gone to be with the Lord, a lovely man and Pauline , my cousin, will miss him greatly, but wonderful for him now in the arms of Jesus. Xxxx


  7. To Mel with Love from your Father God

    I want to lavish you
    I want to embrace you
    I want to comfort you
    I Am strengthening and enboldening you
    I have good things .
    Treasure your memories from before
    Memories for the time ahead.
    I will change your past thought patterns
    I Am your God of light in your dark times
    I Am your Father , protector, and defender
    I Am always near
    I wll not leave you or forsake you.
    Trust in Me, rest in Me
    Have I not promised you
    I will heal your mother’s broken heart.

    With Love in Jesus Judy Edwards


  8. Praising and thanking God for your all being able to be together at Christmas and Eloise’s
    returning strength etc . Wonderful that Grest Grandpa prayed a blessing on the girls S you left and that you all have memories of him at Christmas . God bless you all . Love Penny xxx


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