Prayers for full healing

This blog was set up to keep people updated on how Eloise and we are doing, following Eloise’s cancer diagnosis and to ask for prayers as we journeyed along the treatment path.

Writing the blog, we have often wrestled with how to best walk the tightrope of disclosing all the facts, details and our concerns (especially for targeted prayer) and our responsibility to protect Eloise and to not publicly broadcast personal and sensitive information about her.

Sometimes this has prevented us from being as candid about the full impact that brain cancer and the side effects of the current treatment options have had on Eloise and the challenges she now faces.  We have also met and become friends with people and children who are going through some extremely challenging cancer journeys of their own – including many who sadly have not experienced the same road to NED as we have been blessed with.

So we’ve often not explained the full details, but feel we should now specifically still ask for prayer. We retain both hope and faith that Eloise will continue to remain NED, get stronger, recover lost functions, acquire new skills and start to develop some deep and joy-filled friendships (now she is able to mix a bit more with children).  Eloise is doing amazingly well and defying some massive odds/risks.  However, to boil Eloise’s recovery down to a linear path back to “normal” is too simplistic and not an accurate reflection of where she, or we, are at.

We’d therefore specifically ask for and would really value ‘big’ prayers for Eloise’s full healing – and for full restoration of what has been stolen from her.  Without going into the details of each one (the brain is just so complex – as is paediatric cancer treatment!), we’d specifically really value prayers for:

  • Her physical body, movement, responses and strength
  • Her sensory processing and memory
  • Her eyes and for her ears
  • For no tremors
  • Her endocrine system
  • For her eating

And ultimately for life in abundance. For her to love life and smile and laugh often! 

We’d value prayers that healing would be ‘quick’, that she would surprise Doctors and defy the odds.  In many ways this requires many more miracles.  We’ve needed big prayers to get her to this point (see here and here, or the story so far for a reminder of these!) and now we need big prayers to pray for full healing for her little body.  She has just been through so much.

For those that pray:

  • Please continue to pray that Eloise remains NED.  Her next scan is Monday 1st August.
  • Pray for all of the above ‘big prayer points’.  For full healing and for full restoration – and for this to be quick.  Please pray specifically for each one of these areas.
  • Protection from a secondary tumour/cancer (which Eloise has a high chance of)
  • For us emotionally as we start to process ending chemotherapy treatment and have another MRI coming up.

8 thoughts on “Prayers for full healing

  1. We continue to pray for you all for life in abundance for Eloise and for your trust in Father God to grow deeper day by day with love Lynda and David xx


  2. Each day at 12 noon we pray for Eloise and her total recovery.

    We thank God for your faith and faithfulness.

    Daphne & Tom


  3. We will continue to pray for you all on this unchosen journey. We pray for full healing for Eloise and also grace to help at times of need for each of you. We send love too…from the ‘Hotmail ‘ prayer group from Glossop.


  4. Thank you for the update.  We continue to pray.  Yes, it does help to have specifics to pray over, but please don’t worry about the times when you can’t be specific.  We are bringing Eloise Zoe before the God who created her and who knows her far better than anyone else.  When we can’t have specifics to pray for, we can simply commit her to Him who is able to do abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine.


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