12th and final round!

So yesterday Eloise had her 12th and final intrathecal chemotherapy via GA. She was fantastic, as usual, and enjoyed her time at the Royal Marsden.

We are so grateful that Eloise has gotten better this week and it went ahead yesterday. She’s now got 4 weeks on her oral chemotherapy before she starts the weaning process off all her chemo drugs.

Eloise will have her MRI (via GA) on 1 August at St George’s and we will then get the results on Friday 5th August when we meet with her oncologist at the Royal Marsden. This is also the day after she will have her last oral chemo (excluding the one being weaned very slowly). What a massive milestone in sight.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks Eloise has got better this week and her final round went ahead
  • Pray for the chemo to do what it needs to do. This is our last bat at killing any remaining cancer cells. So pray that if there is a single cell left, it will be obliterated this month!
  • Pray for Eloise’s MRI on Monday 1st August. Pray, pray, pray that it shows No Evidence of Disease and there are no other concerns.
Eloise recovering from her final intrathecal chemo

9 thoughts on “12th and final round!

  1. What a milestone, Eloise is a true little fighter. I just read the previous post too and I’m so happy that you have enjoyed some time together with family and grow da for both girls’ birthdays.


  2. Praise God and Godbless you all as a family we continue to hold you all in our prayers with love Lynda and David x


  3. Praying daily 🙏.💕
    How are truly beautiful she is…I give thanks that not only does she have Peppa Pig in the hospital bed but our Lord too, and God bless all of you as you fill her with love – her strength for the journey 💕🤗


  4. God is Good PTL 🙏
    Praying for NED, and all treatments to do what they keep progressing Eloise away form cancer 🙏
    What an incredible girl you are blessed with 😍


  5. No words of thanks to the LORD seems adequate for this series of continuing miracles that He has for Eloise!!! It humbles one no end to see His goodness & love for her & for you, her family. I shall continue to lift you all in prayer🙏🏽 & praise 🙌🏽


  6. What a milestone for the wonderful and special girl, Eloise !
    Thank you for sending me updates regularly. I’ve been praying for Eloise and will continue to pray!
    Much love


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