Covid disruptions

On Monday we came down to Weymouth after being generously provided free accommodation at a stunning holiday park by a generous charity, Teddy 20. (Thank you so much!)

The holiday park had some incredible facilities, including a soft play and an amazing swimming pool, which both Anna and Eloise enjoyed tremendously. We also met up with some good friends who have a place (and beach hut) close by and we all enjoyed a fabulous morning on Weymouth beach – including paddle boarding for Eloise, Anna and Pete. 

Unfortunately on Wednesday Eloise spiked a temperature and was admitted into Poole Hospital. After several days of tests, IV antibiotics and a few room changes we found out that Eloise had contracted Covid. We were discharged on Saturday afternoon once Eloise’s temperature had consistently come down and are now back home in Guildford.

Eloise is tired and weak (especially from spending 3 nights in a hospital bed not moving and losing muscle mass), her blood counts also show she is neutropenic. We would value your prayers that she doesn’t pick up anything else, whilst in this weakened state.

Thank you to all those that have kindly messaged us ahead of Eloise’s planned MRI tomorrow. Unfortunately, this has now been postponed (a date will be booked once Eloise tests negative), as will the meeting with Eloise’s Oncologist on Friday (to go through the results of the MRI). These medical appointments (plus other “life” plans – such as settling in sessions at nursery) will have to be rearranged.

How do we feel:

  • Frustrated: Cancer is a long journey and we have learned to hold on to plans pretty lightly in the process. However, there’s no escaping that the timing of this infection and the knock-on impact is frustrating. Not only was spending the majority of our holiday in hospital pretty annoying, it’s the hours that will be spent re-arranging appointments that is also demoralising.  
  • Disappointed: Disappointed that our time away and the opportunity to do something different/fun with the girls was cut short. In Anna’s words “this wasn’t much of a holiday”.
  • Grateful: That we haven’t had too many extended hospital stays in the past year, that we haven’t had COVID before and that Eloise’s treatment hasn’t been too impacted by infections. Eloise is due to finish her year-long maintenance chemo on Friday and we have had few delays or bumps along the road. Ultimately, we are exceptionally grateful that Eloise is doing so well (relatively) and was in remission at her last scan.

For those that pray:

  • Protection for Eloise: Please pray that Eloise does not pick up any other infection and that her blood counts improve quickly.
  • Logistics: Please pray that we are able to smoothly rearrange all the medical/non-medical appointments. Please pray that we don’t have to wait too long for the rearranged medical appointments, especially the MRI.
  • Clear MRI: Please pray that Eloise continues to be in remission and that the next MRI (when it happens) is completely clear.
  • Continued recovery: Please pray for Eloise to get physically stronger, walk more steadily, learns how to run and have better balance. Although Eloise finishes the final round of her maintenance chemo this week, it will take until Christmas to wean her off some of the chemo drugs. We live in hope and faith that Eloise will start to improve once the side effects of this chemo drug start to lessen. Please pray this is the case.
  • Anna: Anna has also picked up Covid and is feeling pretty wiped from it. On top of the disappointment of an abandoned holiday, Anna has also had to miss spending time with friends and going to London as a treat with Grandparents tomorrow. Please pray that Anna recovers quickly and that her summer holiday is fun, full of laughter and joy-filled. She really deserves it.
  • Improved health: We are due to go away on holiday in a weeks’ time to Somerset. Please pray that we are all well (we all have Covid), are recovered and can organise access to the local hospital, which we need before we can go.  

12 thoughts on “Covid disruptions

  1. Oh my! So sorry about Covid and all the interruptions! 💔 Praying for renewed strength and good antibodies! 🙏🏻❤️


  2. We are so sorry for you all and send you our love and continue to hold you in our prayers Godbless lynda and David xxx


  3. Praying for you all love the Edwards family.Asking for details,dates appointments to fall into right placde,God to heal,restore and re- energise you all.praying mri when re booked will be good result,
    Praying nursery taster goes well and God’s chosen people will give loving support to Eloise Zoe,


  4. What a crushing disappointment and frustration for you all this Covid infection is. Praying for all appointments to be easily re arranged and return to health for you all and especially Eloise.
    Much love to you all


  5. So sorry to hear this. Praying physical and mental strength over you all, that you might have some moments of joy and encouragement over the next few days. Xxxx


  6. We are with you all during this further round of testings.

    May you be able to go on the holiday.

    All our love

    Daphne & tom


  7. Mel and Pete, SO sorry to hear that you all have Covid and that your week in Weymouth was so disrupted. I was praying this morning for the MRI to go smoothly and be NCD. How frustrating that it has had to be postponed. However at least she has had the last chemo and should soon be starting to gain strength. We are away from Saturday till the Bank Holiday weekend, we would love you to come over and use our pool once we are back. Praying for you all. Lots of love Ann and Clive. Xx


  8. What awful timing, a holiday and some quality time together is just what you all need. Thinking of you and I hope that you are all well again soon xx


  9. Thanks for keeping us all updated. So sorry for this setback. It sounds even worse that it all happened while on holiday. My prayer is that you will all feel better soon and that your next holiday break will be a special one, especially for Anna who has been so strong throughout these past few years and deserves every bit of fun you can squeeze out of a holiday. Love to all, Stan


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