Scans show no evidence of the tumour!

We have just seen Mr Mallucci (Neurosurgeon). They’ve reviewed the galadium MRI scans which we didn’t have when we spoke last night… AND…. there is no evidence of the tumour and they are calling it a COMPLETE RESECTION. They think the area they saw on the previous scans before is blood and the veins.

As you can imagine we are utterly relieved and so unbelievably grateful. A total rollercoaster of emotion. But thank you Jesus!

Eloise will still require chemo and/or focal radiotherapy but all the medical professionals are all really really pleased.

Eloise has been sleeping this morning and various cannulas and lines are being taken off her. She is still in PICU and will be transferred to the HDU later to continue her recovery – it will be interesting to see how her eye movement and swallow are when she properly wakes up.

Also, as of now, Eloise has had no seizures today…

Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. Thank you to Mr Mallucci and his team. And thank you God!

48 thoughts on “Scans show no evidence of the tumour!

    1. So very thankful to God to hear this news. Will pray on for Eloise’s continued treatment and recovery and for you all.



  1. Dear Mel and Pete,
    That is amazingly wonderful news. We have been thinking of you and praying.
    Very best wishes
    Rosemary Underwood


    1. Paul and I were pondering over Eloise when your message came through – what wonderful news a real answer to prayer regarding the result of the scan. Awesome surgeons. We continue to pray.
      Our love to you all . Paul and Helen


  2. Praise God! Thank you Jesus. Praying Eloise will recover well without seizures.. we are continuing to pray daily. Praying you can get some much needed rest. May you know you are held by your Heavenly Father through the days ahead.


    1. Dear Melissa and Pete, my prayers are still very much with you and your wonderful family. Remembering Melissa very fondly from our days at St Johns on the Hill in Chepstow.


  3. Oh my goodness what a miracle! So unbelievably joyful at this news and it’s so emotional to hear! Praising God so much for this outcome! Holding you all in our thanks to God and in our continuing prayers 🙌🙏💛


  4. Praise God. Such wonderful news. Rejoicing with you guys, and praying all will be well with her eyes and recovery.


  5. Thank you so much for the update – giving huge thanks for the news so far and praying for more and more for you and that the full resources of heaven are continuing to be released. X


  6. Aleluya! Glory to the Lord!
    I can’t imagine enough how joyful and grateful you feel. Simply, I’m crying of joy!
    Once again, God did it through the extraordinary Doctors.

    “The eyes of the LORD keep watch over knowledge…” Prov. 22:12a


  7. Praise God! That is such good news. We haven’t seen you for years Mel but we have been praying for you all since February when our son Adam told us about Eloise. Our homegroup has been praying…. and others have asked their churches to be praying…. It struck me yesterday as we prayed during Eloise’s operation that God has mobilised an army of people to intercede for you all, many (most!) of whom you will not meet this side of heaven. Each prayer is a strand of God’s love woven into a blanket to cover and protect you, may you sense its shelter and warmth. We will continue to hold your family, and Eloise in particular, in our prayers.


  8. This is awesome news – Thank you Jesus – praise your name
    You must be absolutely beside yourselves with this news.


  9. Hi

    Have been praying for you all since I first heard about Eloise.

    That is fantastic news that they are calling it a complete resection. It is what I was praying for.

    Have also had the ladies at my church praying so will update them.

    I pray Eloise will remain seizure free.

    Love in Christ. Rachel xxxx

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  10. So so pleased. Wonderful God.
    Thank you for keep on posting when life is so exhausting and difficult. I will continue to pray xx


  11. So pleased. God is faithful, and what we ask in His name He will give. Glory to you, Lord, and peace ad progress to Eloise


  12. Amazing news … and Amazing Consultant…. Amazing God…. we continue to pray for you all and that Eloise will be seizure free. Ann and Graham


  13. Really lovely to read the latest update Wonderful.
    Our Lord is the Great Physician in these times. 🙏🙏

    Jane 🤗 ( friend of Ross and Yvonne)


  14. That’s such wonderful news, praise God! I’ve been following your journey and praying regularly after a friend of your extended family asked our church to pray for Eloise. We found ourselves in a paediatric oncology ward with our 5 year old 2 years ago so I understand some of your journey although ours had a good outcome pretty quickly. Will continue to pray for all your family x


  15. That is absolutely fabulous news, been thinking of and praying for you a lot over recent days, so glad it appears to have gone smoothly, you are one very special family – hears hoping to a straight forward recovery period xx.


  16. Heartfelt thanks and praise, we continue to pray for all at Harbour Churches, just wonderful news and our God is a great God but so great are the neurosurgeons and teams at the hospitals and the very special parents Melissa and Pete!


  17. I will continue to pray until I see that day when Anna and Eloise are playing happily together in the garden.
    Love Rosemary Blacoe


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