Early indications show that the scan is clear!

Late yesterday we got phoned by the Royal Marsden to inform us that although they don’t have the full radiologist report they still discussed Eloise at their weekly Neuro-Oncology Team Meeting. Mr Singh (Eloise’s neurosurgeon at St George’s) said he had looked at the scans and they looked “all clear”. We will still wait forContinue reading “Early indications show that the scan is clear!”

Chickenpox, MRI, nursery planning…

The last few weeks have been full! Over the Easter holidays (following Eloise’s intrathecal chemo) we had a lovely few days at Mel’s Mum and Ross’s and then the Easter weekend at a holiday cabin near Lymington, Dorset – thanks to an amazing charity, Momentum.  We had a great few days enjoying the weather andContinue reading “Chickenpox, MRI, nursery planning…”

8 down and 4 to go – plus a hospital admission (but not for Eloise)..

Eloise begins round 9 of her maintenance chemo on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Eloise picked up a cold quite early into round 8 and has been battling with a runny nose and lots of dribble but thankfully it never resulted in a temperature or hospital admission. Earlier rounds of intrathecal chemo have been postponed (on the day)Continue reading “8 down and 4 to go – plus a hospital admission (but not for Eloise)..”

This time last year… the story of prayer, brain surgery, a miracle and a determined girl

A year ago today Eloise had her life-changing surgery to remove a cancerous tumour – right in the middle of her brain (in the tectal plate, pineal region, brain stem area of the brain). Prior to this, neurosurgeons from all across London and the SE had told us it was in a very, very riskyContinue reading “This time last year… the story of prayer, brain surgery, a miracle and a determined girl”

Chemo Round 8 starting tomorrow…

So Eloise has done 7 rounds of her maintenance chemotherapy! 5 months to go…. Tomorrow, Eloise is due to have her 8th intrathecal chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden. We’d be grateful if you could pray this goes smoothly, there are no unexpected hiccups and that Eloise tolerates the general anaesthetic and chemotherapy well. Eloise generallyContinue reading “Chemo Round 8 starting tomorrow…”

Praising and lamenting

Overall, the last few weeks have been good.  Eloise has stayed out of hospital (apart from for pre-organised appointments) and she’s been enjoying the resemblance, at times, of a more ‘normal’ life  (excluding community nurse visits, chemo being given, having an NG feeding tube, feeling poorly/not eating much, being unsteady/struggling to walk etc.) We’ve notContinue reading “Praising and lamenting”

No Evidence of Disease!

We just wanted to update you all to say Eloise’s MRI report shows No Evidence of Disease (NED)!  The report states there is ‘No evidence of disease recurrence or disease dissemination’.  Praise God!!! Eloise ended up having her 7th intrathecal chemotherapy yesterday, so we are now over half way through the year of maintenance chemotherapy. Continue reading “No Evidence of Disease!”

It’s here – MRI week

Eloise enjoying dressing up with Anna Overall, Eloise has had a relatively good couple of weeks.  We’ve had some really helpful and encouraging meetings with professionals (epilepsy consultants, physios, speech and language therapists etc).  Eloise still has a very long way to go and has many complex challenges, but we’ve felt encouraged and hope thatContinue reading “It’s here – MRI week”