Grateful for a holiday and no tube!

So Eloise had her last dose of isotretinoin chemotherapy on Friday 5th August. Half an hour later the community nurse took her NG tube out, as Eloise takes all the other medications orally and also is taking a supplement orally (alongside food – although this is still relatively limited in variety). Ending the final round and removing the tube felt such a big deal – we haven’t seen our girl without an NG tube since she was 19 months… and now she’s 3. Eloise’s neutrophils came back up and we all recovered from Covid. Yay!

The next morning we went on holiday to Dunster, Somerset (Mel’s aunt kindly let us stay in her beautiful cottage – thank you!). And we managed a full 7 days – our first full week holiday since pre-pandemic! It was so precious – Eloise got stronger during the week, the weather was beautiful and the girls just loved the calm and peace of Dunster. Lots of playing in streams, playing in the park, walks round Dunster castle, steam train rides and time on the beach – and even having a family sea kayak. To be honest it was the closest to a  ‘normal family’ we have felt in nearly 2 years. And without Eloise having an NG tube we ‘looked’ more normal… we’ve actually got used to people noticing Eloise/Eloise’s tube for so long it was actually weird (and very nice!) to blend in and not stand out so much.

The holiday was a real blessing. It was time to see our girls just be girls – they continue to be best buddies and loved sharing a room (possible as we don’t have an NG feed going at night) and giggling. We are so grateful to God that we have been able to see this.

Eloise’s end of treatment MRI will now be on Friday (19th) and we will get the results the following week. We hope that Eloise will ring the bell the following week when we go into the Royal Marsden to meet her oncologist and discuss the scan. Having spent more of her life on cancer treatment than off it, we feel she deserves to ring that bell!

For those that pray:

  • Pray for the MRI scan on Friday! Pray that Eloise is cancer free and the scan shows all good news.
  • Give thanks for a wonderful holiday and for some very precious memories.
  • Give thanks that Eloise has finished her final round of chemo and has had her NG tube removed. Pray her weight stays up and she can remain tube free.
  • Pray for Eloise’s full healing – for her to development, her strength, her eyes, her brain. Pray for any damage caused by the tumour, hydrocephalus, seizures or the cancer treatment (surgery, proton, chemo) to all be fully healed.
  • Give thanks that Eloise is here with us and is smiling more each day.

We thought some of you would like to see Eloise tube-free. So here she is… her blonde hair has returned too. We are so grateful to our miracle-working God and to you all for praying.

23 thoughts on “Grateful for a holiday and no tube!

  1. Hi
    This is so wonderful to hear. Praise the Lord.
    Will keep on praying though
    (Friend of Anne Purdon, Bath)

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Wonderful family news.So thrilled such a great almost normal holiday ,Praying for mri and no evidence of disease really soon..Looking forward to seeing Eloise ring the bell. ,praise God for her and the strength God has given you all on this hard, painful, difficult journey, Trusting all your faith is honored and He gives back all the locusts have taken. You will know Joy .
    !!agreeingwith all prayer requests,, Thank you for the privilege of sharing a tiny portion of your families journey these past 18 months ,looking forward to future good news of starting preschool.
    Much love in Jesus will pass on blog to healing rooms Bristol,many regularly have prayed in mresponse to all your needs over this past 18months of your life,


  3. Oh, sweet babies!!! 💖 So happy to share this wonderful news with you!!! (Those girls look so much like you, Mel!!) Love and hugs to you all! 🥰


  4. Such a joy to see these photos of Eloise, and to see Anna. So pleased to hear of your lovely holiday, and the tube gone… Prayers continue 🙏💕


  5. Beautiful photos.. beautiful little girls. We are so very thankful to God for all He has done. Praying daily for total healing. So glad you could have a normal holiday.


  6. What wonderful news! We can’t wait to hear that she has overcome this cancer and can soon enjoy life without treatment. Lots more prayer to our Heavenly Father and thanks.


  7. Your message brought tears to my eyes – real tears of joy – joy – joy.

    We thank God for the blessings that you are receiving.

    We now pray for the full recovery.

    With love and joy

    Daphne & Tom


  8. This brought me such joy. Thank you.
    You guys must be exhausted from this journey-which I appreciate is still going on.
    You are such a great example of persistence and gratitude for even small moments.


  9. Thank you Lord for bringing Eloise and her family to this point with all their ups and downs and for showing your love and Grace to them every step of the way.
    Lord you are The Great Physician


  10. We praise and thank you Father God for this little walking miracle and for this dear wonderful family who have been through so much. But Father God you have upheld them and sustained them in your love and power. Continue to uphold them all and to strengthen them. Thankyou that they give you all glory and thanks and praise through this difficult time amen


  11. So fabulous to see Eloise without a feeding tube! Thank you Lord for this walking miracle. Praying that that the next major step of being cancer free will be confirmed after Friday’s MRI!


  12. Wonderful photos of your precious girls! Happy your family had a lovely, well deserved holiday! Wishing for great results on Friday, with the MRI showing Eloise is cancer free!!


  13. This was a WONDERFUL update with ongoing amazing news. We are keeping you all in our prayers. So hopeful that Eloise will be able to ring the bell on Friday. Marc and I are presently on holiday in Guernsey and neighboring islands. What a wonderful get away before a very busy autumn. Blessing to you all, Stan


  14. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week away, it’s really lovely to read some good news and to see the girls having fun together.


  15. Wonderful red , what progress ,and a lovely holiday in Dunstdr it is so beautiful .
    Thank you foroveky photos.
    Hid bless you all .
    Praying fo healing of all side effects . 🔥🔥🔥


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