Chemo and MRI debrief

Today, Eloise had her 10th intrathecal chemotherapy.  Only 2 more intrathecal chemo’s to go – 3 more months of chemo drugs…. The plan is for her to finish treatment at the beginning of August.  We can see the end of treatment in sight.

Eloise tolerated the chemo really well today and thoroughly enjoyed her day and ‘magic sleep’ at the Royal Marsden hospital.  She tolerated being nil by mouth and didn’t have to wait too long (she went down at about 10.30).  Pete and I were both allowed onto the day ward, and to ‘put her to sleep’ which was special.

This afternoon we met with Eloise’s oncologist.  We went through the radiologist report which states there is nothing to suggest recurrence or metastasis!   Wow wow wow.  She still has low CSF pressure but there was no mention of microhaemorrhages. We then chatted about how Eloise was doing and the next steps.

How do we feel?

  • Quite emotional at times – wondering how Eloise is where she is, and in awe of her defying such dreadful odds.  It’s quite hard to get your head (and heart) around….Defying the odds, but the fight isn’t over.
  • Still very acutely aware that Eloise has some long-term effects of all of her treatment.  Treatment to save her life comes with a cost.
  • Massively grateful to have Eloise (and Anna!) with us and to be enjoying some fun times together when we can.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks for the miracle that Eloise is here and that her scans show no evidence of cancer!
  • Give thanks that she tolerated the chemo well today. 
  • Please pray that she tolerates this chemo round well (4 weeks) – particularly the second half when she has the additional chemo drug which seems to impact her more. 
  • Please pray for the long-term side effects of her treatment.  This is a biggy and one we are acutely aware of at the moment.  Please pray these side effects reduce, are not long term and that Eloise isn’t held back or hindered by any of the side effects. And pray that she has life in abundance!

Our lovely Eloise

11 thoughts on “Chemo and MRI debrief

  1. Precious girl.
    Thank you for the update and photos. Thank you Father for all Your life at work in Eloise and her family


  2. Hallelujah! So so pleased with the results and praying for no side effects this time and for the way forward. What a privilege it is to walk with you on this incredible journey. God is faithful. Love to you all. A and C


  3. We are so delighted with your news. Thank you.

    Each day of the week we pray for Eloise and will continue to pray
    in the good times and when life is difficult.

    With love and joy



  4. Such beautiful photos, you really get a sense of the loving little girl she is. Thank you for the update. Continuing to pray for you and sending you strength and love xxx


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