Early indications show that the scan is clear!

Late yesterday we got phoned by the Royal Marsden to inform us that although they don’t have the full radiologist report they still discussed Eloise at their weekly Neuro-Oncology Team Meeting. Mr Singh (Eloise’s neurosurgeon at St George’s) said he had looked at the scans and they looked “all clear”. We will still wait for the official Radiologists report and go through the scans on Wednesday with Elosie’s Oncologist – but they felt confident enough to say that they looked all clear.


Each time it doesn’t get any easier and we are super thrilled, grateful and immensely relieved. We continue to take each day and scan one at a time – knowing that this is a long journey but today, this weekend, our hearts are full and we are celebrating another clear scan completed, hurdle navigated and milestone passed.  It’s an odd mix of emotions – gratitude and relief whilst knowing the fight still isn’t over, even after all these months/years.  It can feel quite relentless.

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers, for protecting Eloise against relapse and for helping her to slowly recover and grow up. Thank you for all the prayers, faith exercised and love showered on us and Eloise. We are so grateful.

In non-medical news, Eloise has been awarded an EHCP, which will entitle her to additional support in school in the future, which is a further, wonderful answer to prayer.

Eloise still has a long way to go to firstly beat the cancer and then secondly, reclaim some of the normal life and abilities of a child. We are so proud of her and the progress she is making.  To demonstrate her determined character and growing confidence Eloise decided last week that she wanted to ride a horse (to match Anna, who was having a horsing riding lesson) – and she duly did, which seems like a fitting place to finish a remarkable and pivotal week. Thank you LGB Equestrian!

Next steps: Chemo Round 10 starts on Wednesday and review of the full radiologist report.

Eloise enjoying her ride

11 thoughts on “Early indications show that the scan is clear!

  1. Our God truly is a great big God and doing amazing work in the life of Eloise and you all

    We keep praying xxxx


  2. How wonderful, how marvelous is the saviour’s love.
    One day at time sweet Jesus.
    How great is our God, how great is his name.


  3. How very wonderful. Love Eloise’s determination and confidence to sit on a horse. wonderful photo. Thank you for you great communications.xx


  4. Well done you guys. Very grateful to God and praying for strength for you to continue this walk.


  5. Thank you Jesus. Thank you all medical staff and those around her. Thank you Mel Pete and Anna. Yes we keep praying with thanks and gratitude. MP meeting Haydock.


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