Eloise turns 3!

A day we thought might not happen has arrived (…. or will do tomorrow – we celebrated early this year). Eloise turns 3! Sometimes words (or tears) can’t adequately describe how we feel. But here goes:

Dear Eloise,

You are a much loved and beautiful daughter. It is very difficult to express in words how proud we are of you, how loved and cherished you are and how much we admire you.

You may not understand all these words yet but for now know this:

  • You are loved.
  • You are brave.
  • You are a fighter.
  • You are full of life
  • You are courageous.
  • You are a much-loved sister.
  • You are amazing.
  • We couldn’t love you more and you are so special to us.

We are so proud of all the challenges you have faced and overcome. We love the way you have danced, smiled, cuddled and courageously persevered. We have enjoyed watching you play with Kobe, taking you to the occasional, quiet, soft play and dressing up with Anna.

You are deeply loved by many and a deep inspiration to many more. We speak life and fullness and joy over you and a great future filled with friends, laughter, sleepovers, horse riding, peace and an unshakeable bond with God.

May the next 12 months continue to be miraculous – with huge health advancements, deep friendships as you start pre-school and return to church, increased strength (especially to play) and a growing confidence.

We love you.

For those that pray:

  • Thank God for Eloise and for reaching her third birthday
  • Thank God that Eloise is in remission and pray that she continues to be!
  • Give thanks for a fun half term with cousins and a little tea party to celebrate Eloise’s birthday

This week is a particularly busy week of appointments and admin for Eloise.  Plus Pete is away with work in Kenya for the week (Mel’s mum is kindly staying to help Mel and the girls). We would greatly value your prayers for:

  • Eloise’s appointments with Epilepsy Consultant, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Community Nurses
  • Eloise starting round 11 of Chemo on Thursday – pray for the usual logistics around giving a toddler a General Anaesthetic and intrathecal chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden.
  • Anna and Eloise’s general health – both girls have been unwell in the past week.  Eloise needs to be well to receive the intrathecal chemo on Thursday – please pray that she is strong enough and also avoids picking up Anna’s illness either.
  • Wisdom about responding to Eloise’s draft EHCP to the local authority – pray that Eloise is provided the best and most appropriate support for her education.
  • Pray for limited side effects of the chemo – particularly pray for limited (or no!) tiredness, nausea, food aversion, tremors and sore skin.
  • Pray the chemo does its job and keeps the cancer away!

Eloise celebrating her third birthday

18 thoughts on “Eloise turns 3!

  1. Hi Mel and Pete,
    I pray every day for Eloise and I pray that she doesn’t pick up any illness from anna and pray that it doesn’t effect her to much that pete being away. I pray that her Chemo goes well on Thursday. x


  2. Our love and prayers as ever are with you and your beautiful family Godbless you all. XX David and Lynda


  3. Hallelujah! Thank you God for this amazing miracle. 🙏🙏🙏😊. May you all have a very special half term. Xx
    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Happy birthday Eloise! What a special day and another fantastic milestone. I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating together and the next round of chemo goes as smoothly as possible. Love to you all xx


  5. Happy Birthday Eloise

    Praying for the best day for you and all the family as you celebrate. Much love xxxxx


  6. So lovely to see the photograph; thank you.
    Very grateful to God for all He is continuing to do in your little warrior.


  7. We share in the delight that Eloise is continuing her journey.

    Long may she continue our Prayers each day will continue …………

    Daphne & Tom


  8. Happy 3rd birthday Eloise Jesus give you strength Joy,Fun and laughter as you continur your healing and have lots of good days ahead with your sister.family and friends .Congratulations .Judy .

    So thrilled at continued remission and progress .Praying for funding health ,immunity, good chemo day and recovery. Lots of love and sharing to healing rooms Bristol.Celebrating Gods love and healinbgin this last 18 + months. Praying for complete recovery no sign of disease. Happy healthy fun and learning at playgroup.Judy Edwards and family.


  9. Hope you had a most wonderful birthday dear Eloise. We continue to pray for you every day. What a walking miracle you are and an amazing girl. We give God all the glory and know that you are going to grow into a mighty woman of God.
    God bless you and your family
    With love from Reg and Elaine xxx


  10. Such a joy to behold is this third birthday. I would add that Eloise is an inspiration! May the blessing and favour of God rest upon and remain upon you all.
    Blessings, Baz n Kaz


  11. Happy Birthday Eloise!! Sending lots of love to you, Anna, Mel and Pete. It was such a treat to see you in church. I join with you in thanking God for all that he has done these three years and pray with you for more. Love, Karen xxx


  12. Sending lots of love from Bath. We thank God for all He has done and will do for a brave little girl and her family


  13. Belated🦄 happy birthday Eloise🦄!
    You are beautiful 😍. May you feel an outpouring of God’s love each day as He fills every cell of your being with His presence and the gifts of the Spirit. Much love and prayers from one June birthday miracle girl to another! 🐴💕🥳 🙏💕


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