Quick update

Thank you to those of you who prayed – we just thought we’d update you on a few things. 

Firstly, Eloise avoided the infection and long hospital stay.  Despite having a blood test which was positive for an infection in her line, a few days later it was negative. This is quite (very?!) rare, so we are very very grateful!  Thank you for praying!  Feels like she (and we) dodged another one there.

Also we met with the neurosurgeon at St Georges on Thursday.  It was a really helpful meeting going through the MRI findings.  In short, it’s a case of continuing to watch and monitor Eloise (the micro hemorrhage needs to be left for now and just monitored).  Afterwards, Eloise’s shunt was also re-calibrated to a higher setting to see if it helps with her current over-drainage/low pressure in her brain. 

In the meantime, Eloise is doing amazingly!  Her appetite has really picked up and her tiredness seems to be improving quite significantly (she’s needing to lie down less frequently).  She’s a little superstar!  We are so, so grateful for how Eloise is doing.  Importantly, Eloise is enjoying life and very slowly progressing.  Her steely character means she rarely complains and never gives up.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks that Eloise avoided a line infection and long hospital stay.
  • Give thanks Eloise is doing so well and is NED. Pray she continues to progress, get stronger and develop. 
  • Give thanks for all the amazing doctors, nurses, specialists all involved in Eloise’s care.  We are continually astounded at the treatment and care Eloise receives.
  • Pray that she continues to be NED – that the chemotherapy kills any remaining cancer cells and that she continues to tolerate it well.

9 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Thank you so much for these continuing updates. They are so helpful as we remember Eloise and your family day by day.
    Mike and Myra


  2. Praise the Lord for all this progress , all those involved in her care , Thank you Lord that your hand is on Eloise and that you Father , are in control.
    God bless you all . Penny’s


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