Some days are harder…

So the last day hasn’t gone quite so well.
Eloise has become unsteady and trembly, which we were concerned could be hydrocephalus, as it was similar to her previous hydrocephalus symptoms. So yesterday we spent the whole day in St Georges Hospital (Tooting) for Eloise to be checked, have a CT scan and then have her shunt adjusted by a neurosurgeon. Eloise was fab through it all and we were allowed home to monitor her.

However, Eloise woke in the night with shallow breathing and a high temperature. So it was another middle of the night trip to the Royal Surrey. She’s continues on IV antibiotics but is clearly fighting something, as her temperature remains high and she continues to be shaky. She is having various tests done and a chest x-ray.

The care of St Georges and the Royal Surrey has been exceptional (there aren’t too many places in the world you can walk in and get seen by a Neurosurgeon on the same day!) And some wonderful friends and family have all helped out with logistics with Anna etc. We are so grateful.

For those that pray:

  • Please pray the Drs can get to the bottom of her temperature (and where the infection is), and that they can treat it easily and she improves
  • Pray for Eloise to feel better – she’s unusually ‘off’. Most procedures she takes in her stride but she’s clearly feeling poorly and not handling these so well

13 thoughts on “Some days are harder…

  1. Holding you all in my prayers especially for a speedy recovery for Eloise , peace of mind for you both and a normal unworrying day for Anna. Big hugs xxx


  2. Praying for wisdom for the doctors , for healing and for Eloise to bounce back to her normal self . In Jesus name Thank you Lord for all the help of friends and family .
    God bless you all . Love Penny x


  3. Your updates are appreciated and help us to focus our prayers. Thank you.

    As we pray for Eloise we always remember you all as you carry such a demanding load.
    May you continue to be fortified by the love of the Spirit.



  4. So sorry to hear about Eloise’s latest set back. My prayers are for her and yourselves for strength,peace and complete healing. Pam


  5. Sorry to hear this guys. Praying for this infection to go and for her to feel better really soon. Eloise is in my prayers daily and lifting you all up!


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