The fight continues, but Eloise is winning!

People talk about fighting cancer and it being a battle, and goodness me, it is. With grade 4 malignant brain tumours there are no ‘quick wins’ – it’s a long fight…. But today’s news: Eloise (with heaven’s armies) is winning!

This afternoon we spoke with Eloise’s oncologist who said her scans are stable. There is no sign of relapse. There is no sign of cancer! The post-operative changes/scarring are improving and look less cellular. The biggest relief and the biggest miracle! Thank you medical professionals, researchers/scientists, taxpayers, family, friends, those praying and journeying with us and most of all thank you to God!

That said, the fight continues.

The scan also showed a couple of things, which we hope, are both relatively minor:

  • Low pressure in her brain – most likely meaning Eloise’s shunt needs adjusting.
  • A micro-haemorrhage – possibly caused by proton beam therapy. Apparently nothing needs to be done on this for now.

We have an appointment with Eloise’s neurosurgeon at St George’s on Thursday so will be discussing these with him then.

Also, Eloise’s blood cultures from her admission on Wednesday/yesterday have come back positive, with a possible infection in her Hickman line. So we got called back this morning to give more blood samples and will see if they come back positive again. Hopefully they won’t, and we can avoid a long (approx 10-14 day) hospital admission for IV antibiotics. We will find out within the next 48 hours and go in if needed.

So Eloise continues to be ‘punched’ quite a bit, with the side effects of all the tumour and treatment, but ultimately she is winning and the brain cancer is losing! Pray it stays that way, that the punches are short-lived and tolerable and that there will be limited scars in the years to come.

How do we feel?
Relieved, grateful, in awe of how Eloise continues to be in Complete Remission. The news always comes with a rush of emotion. We are so grateful for our amazing girls.

We feel for other families that have lost their children to ETMRs – it’s just so unfair.

And also still grieved that Eloise continually faces so much. Our ‘minor’ things (micro-haemorrhage, low brain pressure, a possible long hospital stint from tomorrow, managed epilepsy etc etc etc) would, for most families still be quite a big thing. But in our world, they are smaller, compared to the ‘main thing’ of her ‘living/surviving’. And that’s still quite weird. We praise and continue to pray.

For those that pray:

  • Thank God that Eloise continues to be in Complete Remission and with No Evidence of Disease. We don’t take this for granted. This really is a miracle (look back at the odds we were first given!)
  • Thank God for all the amazing medics, scientists, nursing and caring staff etc that have enabled Eloise to get the best treatment and get this far. How remarkable. We are so grateful knowing that she is one lucky girl – billions upon billions wouldn’t have access to the latest science and treatment. We feel so blessed.
  • Pray for the other aspects on Eloise’s scan – that the micro-haemorrhage causes no issues, and that the shunt can be easily adjusted and help address the low pressure in her brain. Pray for Eloise to have limited symptoms of either of these two issues.
  • Pray against infection in her Hickman line. On the scale of ‘brain cancer’ this is small – it’s treatable etc. We would just like to avoid another long hospital stint if we can… as would Eloise and Anna!
Eloise with her much loved Kobe

21 thoughts on “The fight continues, but Eloise is winning!

  1. Great results from the MRI. Praying the no more hospital trips will be necessary to treat infections

    Just love the picture


    Lots of love Miriam


  2. Praise God. We are praying for you all every day and will continue to pray. God bless you all

    We send our love From Reg and Elaine Garner Soteria Christian Fellowship Uxbridge Middlesex


  3. Praise to Our God & father who is so faithful.
    Makes me think of the first line of a hymn that I used to love to sing “Praise the Lord you heavens adore Him” the rest of it is great too!


  4. A true miracle for sure , and I so love the photo of her and Kobe look at her hair beautiful
    I pray for her everyday as do so many here in the states
    Love to you all from across the pond


  5. Oh my such good news……amidst the smaller bad news.

    Praise Father, thank you healthcare workers, thank you family for keeping us updated. Thank you God that I have to get up so many times to the loo in the night, which is brilliant for me to remember pray for sweet Eloise.

    Keep her free from cancer Lord…we know you can do it….we KNOW You are a God of miracles…I have seen a few which man and doctors cannot understand, but we don’t need to, we just trust You and do our part.

    Continue to give strength and untold blessings to this dear family.

    Lurve the picture with Kobi and new hair…hurrrah…loved when mine grew back…I got a curly head for a year lol…Looked a bit strange on a white headed granny. I also got given a wonderful choc. Cockapoo pup last year. So even though I am at the opposite end if the age spectrum, I know how much EZ and Anna must be loving this friend.

    God bless

    Don’t write back…just want you to know, as you probs do. There are many people praying to the bestest Abba Father everrrr.

    Love Nanny Seaside

    Carol Simmons



  6. Praise God from whom all good things flow.

    May you all receive strength in this long long journey.

    With love from
    Prayer Time – Walton on the Hill – Care Home.


  7. What amazing news, the challenges must feel really hard but I am so overjoyed the scan is clear. Thank you thank you God. Such a beautiful picture of Eloise and Kobe x


  8. Just wonderful to hear such positive news….we pray on for complete healing for God’s precious child..


  9. Wonderful news rejoicing with you.
    Thank you Jesus for all you have done and continue to do.


  10. Thank you Lord for your healing hand on Eloise , this great news . Praying for all you ask .
    Beautiful photo, thank you . Blessings and love . Penny xx


  11. We have been eagerly waiting for this wonderful news!! We will continue to pray.

    You are all LOVED and in His arms.


  12. Thrilled on news ,praying for the 2 issues and appt on Thursday .Continuing to believe she will get stronger less affected by the process.Praying against infection and long stay in hospital ,believing for abundant life for you all .This last year has been horrendous ,remember date as 27th is my husband’s birthday .Will share with healing homes Bristol for those that pray .


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