Full week – Intrathecal chemo round 4 and waiting for MRI results

Just a short update.
Monday’s MRI at St George’s went as smoothly as possible. Eloise didn’t wait too long being nil by mouth and the shunt was adjusted whilst she was in recovery – absolutely amazing service 😄.

Tuesday was a day at home, only with a community nurse visit.

Wednesday was Eloise’s intrathecal chemo day – starting Round 4. She ended up still having it via a Lumbar Puncture this time and was excellent, as always, at having her general anaesthetic. It was bizarrely nice to see friends and staff in the Royal Marsden hospital. Eloise was allowed home in the afternoon and Anna was super excited to see her!

Unfortunately, Eloise spiked a temperature in the evening so we ended up taking her into the Royal Surrey overnight. She was given IV antibiotics, and various blood tests and cultures were done to check she’s ok. We think it was just a reaction to her intrathecal chemo, which with coupled with a minor cold, was just a lot for her little body. She stayed in overnight but was allowed home today – she’s a little wiped but all ok. 3 hospitals in 3 days… We feel so blessed by the love and care we receive at each and don’t take our healthcare system for granted!

Anna has been a superstar this week and has put up with all the changes.

We now wait for Eloise’s MRI scan results. We expect to hear from our oncologist tomorrow afternoon, following the MDT in the morning. Continued prayers for this would be great…

6 thoughts on “Full week – Intrathecal chemo round 4 and waiting for MRI results

  1. Love and prayers – so pleased to hear our warrior is homexSusan Keep safe, keep smiling, keep singing! Susan Yarnall  Dr. S.J. Monks PhD (Mus)01243 512881.  Mob: 07884 425842 singunique.comVocal Tutor & Associate Lecturer University of ChichesterPresident European Voice Teachers Association 2017-2024 http://www.evta-online.eu Member AOTOS & ISM,Anglican Licensed Lay Reader


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