Crucial MRI tomorrow, please pray

Tomorrow is another critically important day for Eloise.
Tomorrow Eloise will have an MRI to monitor how she is doing.

Without wishing to sound like a broken record, it is hard to understate the importance of tomorrow’s MRI result.

In her last MRI (July 20), Eloise was declared in complete remission / No Evidence of Disease (NED) – which was simply amazing and life-changing news. Given the hyper-aggressive nature of ETMRs and the lack of evidence and very limited options for treatment, this was the best outcome we could have wished for.

It has been four months since then and statistically Eloise is still in the ‘danger zone’ for potential relapse (and unfortunately will be for a while yet). Therefore, tomorrow’s MRI scan is so critically important.

Please pray with us that the scan comes back clear, with NED.

Eloise will also start her fourth round of maintenance of chemo on Wednesday. We don’t expect to know the results of the MRI by then but will go ahead as planned while we wait for the results as Eloise has been tolerating the maintenance chemo well.

We have an appointment with Eloise’s oncologist on Friday to discuss the MRI.

For those that pray:

  • Pray the logistics of the week go smoothly – that Eloise isn’t too grumpy for being nil-by-mouth for two different general anaesthetics on two days, that resetting her shunt goes smoothly on Monday and that we navigate commuter/school traffic for a couple of early morning hospital appointments.
  • Pray for a clear-cut scan: Unfortunately MRI images can sometimes be difficult to analyse and there is a possibility that the result is ‘inconclusive’ or not clear. Please pray this is not the case and the radiologists (and other members of the MDT) are all aligned on their reading of the images.
  • Pray that Eloise continues to show NED: Pray that the scan shows no evidence of disease.
    If nothing else, please pray this.

15 thoughts on “Crucial MRI tomorrow, please pray

  1. Our church is standing with you all. We prayed this morning and will continue in the days and weeks ahead.
    People ask me about you all regularly!!
    Our God is good…all the time.


  2. We continue to pray every day and night for Eloise, Melissa and Pete, Anna and all the familyLove and prayersSusan Keep safe, keep smiling, keep singing! Susan Yarnall  Dr. S.J. Monks PhD (Mus)01243 512881.  Mob: 07884 425842 singunique.comVocal Tutor & Associate Lecturer University of ChichesterPresident European Voice Teachers Association 2017-2024 Member AOTOS & ISM,Anglican Licensed Lay Reader


  3. Up early this morning with J, and you were straight on my mind. Praying over all of you. Praying God pours out his generous peace and protection over you. Praying for a NED result as soon as possible. Xxx


  4. Pete & Melissa, We pray on for Eloise and all of you. For God’s strength to persevere and his peace for whatever the next steps will be.


  5. Hoping Eloise will be NED in this scan and in every scan she ever has in the future! She deserves a long and happy life.


  6. Praying for a NED MRI tomorrow and for you and all your family to have the peace of heart as you await for the results, in Jesus name . Also praying as you ask .
    God bless you , Penny x


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