Stem cell transplant and recovery update and prayers

Update from intensive care – stem cell transplant today at noon.

Eloise continues in intensive care. Her EEG came back with no active seizure activity which is great. She was a little more responsive, beginning last night.

Unfortunately she has started vomiting a lot, including blood. The working theory is that the stomach is just aggravated from the chemo and all the other things Eloise has had thrown at her in recent days and weeks.

The stem cell transplant is ‘All systems go!’. The team from the Royal Marsden hospital have come across to St George’s and Eloise’s stem cells are being transported to St George’s as we speak.

For those that pray:

  • Please pray for the transplant (at noon today). For none of the risks from the procedure to be a problem.
  • Pray Eloise’s body accepts the cells well and they enable her to get stronger. Unfortunately we expect her to keep getting worse from the chemo over the next week/2 weeks before getting better.
  • Please pray for Eloise to stop being sick.
  • Please pray for her strength to recover and for the chemo to have done what it needed to do – obliterate any remaining cancer cells.
  • Praise for the amazing staff here at St George’s and the Royal Marsden, for their care, for making a plan to do the transplant in intensive care and St George’s and for leaving no stone unturned.

6 thoughts on “Stem cell transplant and recovery update and prayers

  1. Praising our Lord that EEG was good and for Eloise’s wonderful team .
    Praying as asked . Praying for physical and spiritual strength too .
    Love Penny xp


  2. I pray Eloise stops vomiting and gains strength to beat this. Pete, Mel, Anna and the extended family are also in my prayers.


  3. I will pray for her today. Poor little darling going through such things as a little girl. May God help her in every way possible and she makes a full recovery and goes on to live a normal life. ❤❤❤


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