Please pray – Eloise still needing intensive care

Please pray.

Last night after the MRI, which came back with no change (which is good news) Eloise was taken off the sedation and ventilator. All the other tests came back clear, indicating that the seizure was either caused be 1) her now starting to have these types of seizure or 2) a response to the high dose thiotepa drug. Unfortunately only time will tell…

Eloise is still in PICU and is unfortunately not responding as much as the Doctors would hope. She has spoken a few words and has moved her limbs when asked (if she’s awake) but is very sleepy, not opening her eyes much and is requiring some support with her oxygen/CO2 levels. She also has some jerky movements.

She did not have her final dose of thiotepa and will therefore now have her stem cell transplant tomorrow. Eloise will also have an EEG today to look at her brain activity after the seizure.

Please, please pray for her. It’s distressing to see her not responding. Please pray she wakes up properly, is able to talk, stops jerky movements and returns to being the Eloise we know and love! She needs all the strength she can muster with the stem cell transplant and all her counts dropping from the chemo. Come on, keep fighting Eloise!

Please pray that this severe seizure (with lack of breathing) was an absolute one off and a response to the thiotepa. As you can imagine, we can’t even think about this ever happening again…. Please pray for the EEG – that it shows nothing concerning.

Thank you all for your love and prayers for our darling warrior. She has been through so much. We need her to keep living up to the meaning of her name Eloise Zoe!

16 thoughts on “Please pray – Eloise still needing intensive care

  1. She really is a darling warrior! Sending every good wish from London for Eloise’s EEG to show nothing of note and for her to be up and about in no time. Great that the MRI showed no change and that the other tests came back clear. Hope the stem cell transplant goes smoothly and has the very best result. Eloise and her family deserve no less!


  2. Praying for little Eloise with the points you ask and more , praying for her mummy , daddy and Anna , of course the rest of the family too . May know the Lord be with you every step of your journey as we as prayer warriors stand with you . Love Penny xxx


  3. That’s good news about the MRI; I hope the ECG gives similar positive results and that this seizure was a one off. Best wishes for the stem cell transplant tomorrow, and stay strong xx


  4. A warrior indeed! As are her parents! Praying for this precious one as she has her stem cell transplant tomorrow.


  5. Have been continuing to pray.
    Father is tenderly rocking your daughter, singing over her and whispering to her.
    Praying for all of you in this hellish time


  6. We continue to pray into Eloise’s life…….
    Especially praying for her total recovery after this last setback and for positive reassurance. Also for God to give wisdom to medical staff and strength and peace for you all on this terribly painful journey….


  7. When I read your last 2 updates I was immediately reminded of something a very wise person said to me years ago – “Deliverance is almost always 2 steps forward then a step back”. I am praying so hard that what has happened with this seizure is nothing but a minor setback on the road to healing and deliverance. Sending you love, courage and strength xx


  8. May you know the presence of the Lord of all comfort at these hugely challenging times. You’re all my first thought in the morning and last at night. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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