Please keep praying: Update from intensive care

Eloise is now in St George’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and is sedated and on a ventilator. She’s in an isolated room due to being on high dose chemo and therefore having a higher infection risk.

Unfortunately Eloise ran a temperature during the night so the Drs need to do lots of checks for infection, as well trying to work out why she had the seizure. As part of these checks she will also have another MRI scan later.

Please pray for wisdom to get to bottom of the seizure and for her to breathe sufficiently when they take her off the ventilator – she wasn’t managing this earlier.

She’s not had her final chemo drug and we think she probably won’t…. It could be the cause of the seizure and/or she needs to be stronger for it. She will still need her stem cell transplant on Friday.

Obviously we have a lot of questions regarding her having this type of seizure again sometime – the lack of breathing for a very prolonged period of time being the main issue.. But those are questions for another day.

Today we are praying she breathes by herself, comes around and is ok, the MRI shows no issues and we get to the bottom of her seizure and control her temperature/any infection.

13 thoughts on “Please keep praying: Update from intensive care

  1. From this morning. I don’t like the sound of the fact that she didn’t breathe for quite some time 😥

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  2. Praying , while praying earlier I saw the presence of the Holy Spirit fill her room , into every corner . Love Penny x


  3. We don’t know each other (but have mutual friends) – I join in praying for your precious daughter, for Jesus to overcome, again, and for strength and comfort for you all.


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