Back home…

Eloise was finally discharged last night (Tuesday evening) so slightly later than expected.  Anna and Eloise loved their reunion and its great to be back home all together after a very intense week  – and to enjoy good food and our beds. 

Eloise is recovering ok, but upset at times – exhaustion and the physical and emotional challenge of the past week have definitely affected her, but she’s so happy to see Anna, play with her toys and see her fish 😊.

How do we feel:

  • Very happy to be home!  We left a week ago for the MRI, not expecting to stay in hospital, and only returned last night.
  • Up and down – hopeful when we see Eloise slightly improving from the day before, but also sad/disappointed if she is struggling.

For those that pray:

  • For the biopsy results on Friday – please pray the results show it is low-grade and is a tumour that responds well to treatment.
  • For Eloise to get better – to get more steady on her feet again, and for her seizures to go (we’ve seen some positive signs that the new medication is helping, but it’s still very early days).
  • For us to enjoy some precious days together before we start the next challenge of the next set of treatment (whatever that is).

5 thoughts on “Back home…

  1. Continually praying for you all in this situation, for healing, patience, comfort and peace 🙏
    My prayer groups and family are also continually praying for the situation.
    God Bless.


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