Surrounded by love and prayers

Eloise has been recovering in the post surgery ward and has been doing well, including eating very well and charming the Drs and nurses.

She has has had a few post op ‘teething’ issues but in general is making steady progress and we hope she will be discharged later today.

We will be back early tomorrow to see a specialist paediatric neuro-ophthamologist (an eye specialist) – to check the pressure in her brain/tumour hasn’t damaged her eye sight.

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, prayer rotas, messages of encouragement, food, gifts and love. We have, quite frankly, been humbled by the outpouring of love, generosity and prayers for Eloise and us. What is quite extraordinary to us is, due to the pandemic, many of you have never met Eloise (or even us!). We are so exceptionally grateful for you supporting us in this critical time. We truly are. As the blog title suggests we have felt surrounded by love, prayers and God’s presence (during the worst moments before Eloise went into ICU we were singing The Blessing over her – the neurologist turned to us and said “I like this song – it’s one of my favourites). Thank you and we thank God.

Going home and spending time as the four of us will be very precious. However, we also know this is only the start of Eloise’s journey and would greatly value your continued prayers.

For those that pray:

The immediate next steps are:

  • Biopsy – Samples of Eloise tumour are being analysed and reviewed as we type. The results will be sent to the Neurosurgeon who will discuss Eloise at the larger MDT meeting. The result of the biopsy are crucial in determining both Eloise’s treatment and ultimately prognosis. Please pray that Eloise’s tumour is low grade and that there are some good (read, as low risk as possible) options available to us
  • MDT meeting – a large collective of wonderfully skilled and clever neuro-oncology professionals are going to review Eloise’s case on Friday further to the biopsy results. The Neurosurgeon will then phone us later in the day and present their discussion and proposed/preferred next steps. Please pray that there is a clear and obvious treatment route – one that the MDT are confident and experienced in. We understand surgery, chemo and even proton therapy are all possible options.
  • Eloise’s recovery – Please also pray that Eloise recovers well from the current ETV and biopsy surgery and can enjoy spending time and playing with Anna again. Specifically we would like Eloise to not tremble/tremor anymore and to gain control over the seizures (i.e. eliminate them with meds).

How are we feeling?

  • We are grateful that Eloise is doing well. Grateful to have got through the weekend and through a pretty frightening period post surgery. Grateful for all the wonderful staff and care at St George’s.
  • We feel surrounded by love and prayers – thank you ever so much.
  • We feel tired but ok (Mel is looking forward to her own bed!)
  • We feel grateful that Anna has been a star,  wonderfully mature and has not been too anxious or missed us too much.

11 thoughts on “Surrounded by love and prayers

  1. This is so positive to hear though we realise that this is the start of a long journey, but be assured of God’s presence and our humble prayers, from all at Harbour Churches.


  2. Love reading this post!!! Praise God! Your grateful hearts are such a blessing during this immensely stressful time! Will be praying for your requests!


  3. Just so thankful of the progress to date….truly miraculous answer to the prayers of so many, and the amazing God given skills of the nuerosurgeons.We continue to pray for your specific prayer requests.


  4. So good to hear positive news so soon after the operation. Praying for Eloise’s continued improvement as you return home; for her wonderful parents to be able to find some rest and peace at home while you wait for more news on Friday; for the doctors that they will find the right treatment. May God continue to bless and watch over you day by day, and give you hope and strength.


  5. Absolutely brilliant news! Thank you for letting us know that Eloise – who I hope to meet one day – has turned the corner even though there’s clearly a long road ahead. We know that our God is a God of answered prayers but it’s still very good to hear that our prayers have been answered. May He continue to hold all of you in His hands as you journey through the coming days and weeks. PS: You don’t know me but Ross is a very longstanding friend who’s been keeping me informed along the way. Gerald


  6. You are all doing so well after such an awful time these last few days. Thank you for such detailed updates. We and our prayer group (which the Gowers are part of and how we have come to be praying for you) are praying our socks off! We live in the Hope Valley and without meaning to sound trite, we will be praying that you know God as the source of your hope in this valley place. We are praying that you see miracles and healing and know His comfort and favour. Keep singing His praises. Love to the four of you xx


  7. Mel and Pete,

    My gosh, we are with you in our minds everyday. I have sobbed in desperation along with you here in the Midlands and am now breathing deeply as I take hold of all the wonderful positives in today’s post after the harrowing weekend you had. We were all shell shocked and on edge over the weekend. We know that this is a journey for you all and will continue to be here praying like mad and just loving you all from afar. I can’t tell you how much you’re all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for all your updates on the blog.
    Sending all the love in the world,
    Sarah, Matt and Rafe


  8. So glad to read this. You have been much in our thoughts and prayers this week. My parents send their love, and the folks of Gateshead Central Baptist church are on the case! Much love to you all xxx


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