Short Update: Moved out of ICU into recovery ward

Eloise was moved out of ICU late last night and is now in the post surgery recovery ward.

She (and we) slept fairly well last night (it’s all relative). She is doing well this morning and continuing to show encouraging signs of recovery including eating well and singing to her music!

15 thoughts on “Short Update: Moved out of ICU into recovery ward

  1. That’s awesome news thank you Jesus and praying for continued progress and that Gods angels will surround this precious family and fight this battle for them.


  2. Praise be to God for hearing our prayers. Eloise and you guys are prayed for every time our lifegroup member wake over the night and at various times of the day. It is a privilege to wake and have disturbed sleep, especially at such wonderful news. Praying continued healing, strength and peace over you all. xxx


    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear God!
      We ask you in the name of Jesus for his recovery, we believed in Your miracles, and You did it again!!
      Thank you mighty Lord. You never change and the power is the same.


  3. So thrilled with this news, bless her little heart and soul, she in The Hand’s of our precious Father God, His name be praised Forever. Bless you all, with my love, Ginny xxx


  4. Thank you Jesus 💕 we ask for more of your healing touch for this precious little one – may you do abundantly more than we could ask or imagine in her life


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