Hermits for the next 7 months

Unfortunately today Eloise was unable to have her intrathecal chemotherapy. Eloise and I got to the Marsden early, but unfortunately the consultants feel she isn’t well enough to have a General Anaesthetic and for more chemo. Her cold is still on her chest a bit.

Rather disappointing as we thought ‘we were doing ok’ as she’d avoided a temperature spike, which is true – but she’s still not well enough to tolerate more chemo etc this week.

So her chemo round has been pushed back and will hopefully happen next week (provisionally on Wednesday), so long as she is well enough and recovers by then.

This obviously again reminds us that life with a kid battling cancer isn’t straight forward and that we need to keep trying to avoid any infections as much as possible (in order to avoid serious side effects of the infection and also avoid chemo or scans being delayed).

So if we look like we are becoming even more of a hermit (especially as it appears there are more infections around at the moment, than during last year when everyone was in lockdown/having restrictions) you know why! Hermits, whilst also trying to ensure Eloise has experiences and develops. It’s going to be a long 7+ months.

For those that pray:

Pray Eloise fully recovers from her cold and she’s able to have intrathecal chemo next week.

Thank God that he has brought Eloise this far. Pray that the delays in treatment don’t impact her being NED and that she remains in complete remission.

Pray for her tremors to stop and balance to improve – and wisdom to discern what’s causing this and to act in the best way to treat this. Pray for Eloise to regain strength.

Pray for all the Drs and nurses involved in her care. Thank God for their love, care, knowledge and support.

Pray for other families also battling this dreadful disease.

15 thoughts on “Hermits for the next 7 months

  1. Thank you for your prompt updates with the prayer points. Praying, praying and praying for Eloise, Mel Pete (fantastic parents) and lovely sister Anna. Praying also with thanks and praise for great medical team. WE BELIEVE.


  2. Really thinking of you guys and praying for you. So many unbelievable challenges over and over. Hardest marathon ever. So many emotions. Cheering you on as you keep going, facing in to whatever comes every day and praying for strength and continued hope that may sustain you (as well as all your other prayer points!) xx


  3. I’m so sorry. Such stress. I knew a little girl in Singapore who went through something similar to Eloise. She grown up and is now a wife and Mummy. Take heart. Trust God. Trust yourselves. 🙏💜 The divine colour.



  4. Asking for God’s healing for Eloise and protection in the days ahead….as well as all of your requests! ❤️🙏🏻


  5. When I read your last update I was worried that they might give the chemo. The team are wonderful to review and to protect her from chemo given when her little body would find it too much. Ghastly for you with all the toing and froing but a testament to the clinical acumen of the doctors. Sending love and courage to meet these demands. Chantal


  6. I cannot even fathom how you both feel and i can’t even guess what’s going on in little Eloise’s mind apart from her confusion at what she has to go through, suffer & endure. Maybe it’s what she needs and the LORD’s providing just a little more time for her body to rest & recover before the next onslaught of chemo. Will definitely still continue to pray on the points and keep pressing in for her , yourselves and Anna, too. Gilly’s Strobeck’s reply is SO uplifting to keeping one’s faith & focus on the promises of the LORD!!!!!


  7. Love & prayers, strength & hope, we continue to hold you all in God’s strength & mighty mystery. X Susan

    Keep safe, keep smiling, keep singing!

    Dr. Susan Yarnall Monks singunique.com 07884 425842 Vocal Tutor & Associate Lecturer University of Chichester President 2017-2024 European Voice Teachers Association evta-online.eu Licensed Reader Anglican Church



  8. Praying for You all , and as you ask . Come Holy Spirit with healing , peace and joy especially in Eloise’s smile .God bless you all. Love Penny.


  9. Never ceasing prayer for you all. Thank you for your continued updates. Our grandson occasionally requests for me to sing a couple of songs- one being “Our God is a Great big God”, and he is so holding you all in his hand, the other is an older children’s song – our God is so big, so strong and so mighty,( with his favourite line ) THERE IS NOTHING THAT HE CANNOT DO. Hang on in there everyone

    Love and prayers

    Miriam and John xxxxxx


  10. Praying that the extra time will give Eloise extra strength to fight and the chemo to do its job, thank you for always keeping us all updated on what’s going on , you are both amazing parents and the whole world is praying for you , Eloise and Anna xox


  11. I’m reading this à few days late but I hope that Eloise is feeling better, that her cold is gone, and that treatment can begin on Wednesday. I’m so pleased to see on your previous posts that you were able to have a lovely Christmas at home too. What a special time!
    Thinking of you all continually xx


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