Quick prayers for Eloise tomorrow – starting Chemo (#6)

Tomorrow Eloise has her 6th intrathecal chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden.
We would value prayers for:

  • Logistics to go smoothly and for Eloise to tolerate being nil by mouth before the general anaesthetic. Please pray she’s not too ‘hangry’.
  • For limited side effects eg no temperature spike and any loss of appetite to be limited etc. Eloise’s cold is slightly better but still lingering – please pray this doesn’t impact her treatment or how well she tolerates the chemo.
  • Continued prayers for her tremor to dramatically improve, her energy levels to increase, her walk to be more steady and for her to smile and enjoy life more!
  • Pray the chemotherapy round does its job and Eloise continues to have No Evidence of Disease!

People have asked when her next MRI is due. We don’t have a date for this yet but it’s expected to be at the end of this month/beginning of February

10 thoughts on “Quick prayers for Eloise tomorrow – starting Chemo (#6)

  1. All the best for Eloise tomorrow! Hope she won’t be too hungry and that she does not experience any significant side effects from the chemo. And, most importantly, that she continues to be NED!!


  2. Praying for you all right now. Hope that you can get some rest tonight and knock this next chemo on the head. Rooting for you xxx


  3. Praying on all points for Eloise esp that she’s able to cope with nil by mouth to start; that the LORD’s peace is upon her & bars traumatic responses in mind & body. We commit her to the LORD..that He goes before you all today, stays close by & covers her completely!!!


  4. Praying for Eloise and all of you today and regularly. Thank you for the updates and for your example of steadfast faith through hardship.


  5. Praying as you ask , larticuay for the protection of the blood of Jesus over her in this next step of treatment. For peace of heart for you all and lots of smiles . God bless you . Penny xxx


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