Unfortunately staying longer in the Royal Marsden

Thank you for those of you who prayed for Eloise yesterday. She had her first intrathecal topotecan chemotherapy yesterday and also started the other agent that she will take twice a day for the year. She will start the final oral chemo drug in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately yesterday afternoon after the intrathecal chemo, Eloise developed a temperature and has been very very fatigued and her appetite has plummeted. She’s ok otherwise (very very thankful for no seizures!) but is on IV antibiotics for 48 hours and being monitored. So we will be staying in the Marsden and won’t be going home tonight. We don’t know when we will be back home, but are hoping Eloise picks up and recovers soon.

How do we feel?
Very grateful that Eloise has received this treatment in the UK! If this had happened whilst being apart in different countries (as were the alternatives), this would have been very challenging and upsetting.

Disappointed that she needs to stay longer – but equally knowing that this is all ‘normal’ in the cancer/chemo journey. Eloise could also pick up an infection anytime and it would also lead to a hospital admission.

Very grateful that we have stayed in the Marsden and for their excellent love and care for us all.

For those that pray:
Pray Eloise recovers very quickly and that the side effects are just minor and short lived. Give thanks for no seizures or other neuro issues, and pray this continues.

Pray Eloise isn’t too tired from the oral agent she started yesterday – tiredness is an expected side effect.

Pray for Anna as she will be disappointed and it will again be unsettling for her – bringing back lots of memories of the uncertainty of the past few months. She’s desperate for Eloise to just be better, for Eloise ‘to end treatment’ and for her to be around – and for consistency

7 thoughts on “Unfortunately staying longer in the Royal Marsden

  1. Mel and Pete we are praying that this is just a blip on the bumpy road to recovery. You are all very much in our thoughts and prayers. Love A & C xx


  2. Dear Mel & Pete, I continue to follow E’s journey with prayers…Can’t help but marvel at the skills that are being used in this pioneering treatment, so praying about these side effects…”Now until to Him who is able…” comes to mind, Jx


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