A little prayer for Eloise as she starts a new chemo

Tomorrow morning (Thursday 12th) Eloise starts her first cycle of her new maintenance chemotherapy. She will have her first intrathecal topotecan via lumbar puncture in the morning at the Royal Marsden and will stay in for monitoring until late Friday (all being well). She will then return home to recover and will take daily oral chemotherapy ‘inhibitor’ drugs, and will have weekly bloods and tests. This will then be repeated 12 times for the next year (each cycle approx 28 days).

We would be grateful for your prayers tomorrow morning and for the following 30 hours – for very limited side effects, and particularly for Eloise – no seizures. The chemotherapy is being given directly into her brain and spinal fluid so please pray it does what it needs to do (kills any sparse cancer cells) and has very, very limited side effects. As intrathecal topotecan has not been given to anyone else in the UK before (I think Eloise deserves a certificate for that!) it’s hard to know the expected side effects – and each person reacts differently. They will be using Eloise’s case for evaluative purposes, which we of course support! We’ve agreed for her case being used in as much research as it can be – research into ETMR treatment (actually paediatric brain cancer) etc is so needed.

Today we also met with Eloise’s wonderful epilepsy consultant. It was a helpful meeting, but also a reminder that we need to do our best for Eloise to ‘keep clear of people’ for the next year whilst she’s severely immunocompromised (from high-dose chemo, proton and now monthly chemo). We know this, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded – it’s a hard balance trying to live a resemblance of a semi-normal life (especially as things open up post-restrictions) but also trying to shield Eloise from infections that could cause big complications for her. She’s done astonishingly well to get this far with hardly any infection.

How do we feel?
A little apprehensive – just praying that tomorrow and the next day go well and that there are limited side effects. Praying that this treatment is the right treatment and keeps Eloise cancer free.

Very grateful that Eloise is having this treatment in the UK!

Encouraged as Eloise is a bit less tired and stronger this week.

For those that pray:

Pray for Eloise as she has the first intrathecal chemotherapy tomorrow. Pray for her as she’s nil by mouth and has the GA. Pray for the Dr and nurses involved. Pray the chemo does it’s job.

Pray Eloise has very, very limited side effects from the intrathecal chemo drugs. Pray against any seizures. Pray for protection. Pray she tolerates the chemo well so she can come home on Friday evening – As Anna prayed today “please Jesus may Eloise come home from hospital after one night”.

12 thoughts on “A little prayer for Eloise as she starts a new chemo

  1. Always a blessing to hear from you! We are so very thrilled to hear how well Eloise is doing. We will continue to pray for her and the family (extended family too) as you all go through this together.


  2. Lord Jesus, thank you for your fierce love for Eloise. Thank you Lord that she is so precious to you. May she know a great and deep peace in her little body and emotions. Her Mummy and Daddy too. Thank you Holy Spirit for your wonderful comfort. I pray you will lovingly hover over this little family in the weeks and months to come. We believe for a great testimony from heaven which will change many on earth through little Eloise. Thank you and amen. Gilly x 


  3. Thankyou Lord that Eloise is having treatment in the UK .
    Please lay your healing hand on your prescious daughter now and always .Amen


  4. So thankful for all you’ve received so far and praying for you in this new phase. Praying love, courage and unity over you as a family, and praying specifically for this first treatment xxx


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