Too much drama

Today we had planned to see some friends for a walk. Unfortunately just as they were about to arrive at our house, Eloise had started to follow Anna up the stairs and fell down a few stairs. She unfortunately immediately went very pale, was ‘out of it’, just wanting to sleep and then vomited. It was a bit scary/worrying.

So we had another day in hospital – this time in the Royal Surrey getting Eloise checked out. She seems fine and much better after being sick, and it appears that the sickness was from shock rather than anything more serious. We are home again several hours later and are just monitoring her.

That said, we’d be grateful for prayers that everything is ok – from a surgery, shunt, seizure and platelet perspective (fortunately her platelet count is relatively ok at the moment). Any bang to the head for Eloise is firstly more likely due to her condition (for various reasons) and secondly quite a lot more complex if she does!

How do we feel?
Very stupid and awful to be honest! Having had the great news of NED yesterday, this really did feel like an awful blow… We had a stair gate up until recently, but because Eloise was still relatively weak she didn’t climb the stairs. She’s now getting stronger and so is now attempting to do more… and we felt dreadful that we weren’t watching her for that 30 seconds and that the stair gate wasn’t up. It now is again!

It’s also a reminder that we just have to watch her so much – she is walking around but will very frequently suddenly become very tired, have dazy moments, lose her balance, blank out etc. And we were told this week to expect this even more over the coming weeks too – that the proton tiredness can have a delayed affect.

In a bizarre way there was a plus side – today was the first time Anna was allowed in the hospital with Eloise. So Eloise could show her what hospital life is like – showing her obs, a stickman, how to move the hospital beds up and down etc. In that regard it gave Anna a real-life insight into hospital – not just what she’s heard.

For those that pray:

  • Please pray for Eloise to be ok – that she’s ok over the next 24-48 hours and that there are no problems caused by the fall. Pray for protection for her little brain.
  • Please pray for Anna. Anna was quite upset by the situation and has had to deal with too much drama and too much trauma over the past few months.

7 thoughts on “Too much drama

  1. You did not need that drama! Hope Eloise will continue to be fine and that Anna won’t be too upset about it all. This has all been very hard on her, I am sure.


  2. We are praying for you all, for peace, you are amazing parents and the journey you are on is incredible take care xx


  3. Sooo easy for things to happen with a two year old & even easier, regrettably, to self-blame. But the LORD is good & you are brilliant parents to your two precious girls.
    Praise God that Eloise is not concussed & is ok 👏🏽🙏🏽 Praise God for a loving Dad & Mum & sister; for caring doctors & medical staff. Praise God & thanks.


  4. Praying for protection for Eloise after her fall and for you all , and against any adverse affects .
    God bless you all,Penny xx


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