No evidence of disease!

Four life changing words.

This afternoon we got a voicemail from the Royal Marsden CNS nurse to inform us that they had reviewed Eloise’s  MRI from Wednesday and …

“The scans are fine, there is no evidence of disease that we can see… so just to confirm, there is no evidence of disease and we are happy with it”

This won’t be a long post as we wanted to send a quick update to let all those that have been so faithfully praying for Eloise know the wonderful news. We are so grateful. Thank you.  If you’d told us in January that we could be in this position at the end of July, we would have done anything to be here….the odds have just been so small. 

It’s still a long road, and the next two years will continue to be crucial – and Eloise will need to continue to defy the odds.  As Mel’s Mum aptly described it – it’s like Eloise has to successfully cross a motorway each day – and survive.  And so far she has done.  We are just so grateful.

We will meet with the Oncologists on Wednesday to go through the scan and next steps for the year of maintenance chemo in more detail and we will post further updates in due course.

Thank you Jesus for Eloise Zoe and thank you for no evidence of disease.

How do we feel?

There are almost no words to cover the emotional rollercoaster of anxiety, stress, relief, joy, and gratitude . We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us get this far and are so unbelievably proud of Eloise.  Emotions vary each day – but today we are relieved and celebrating.

For those that pray
Give massive thanks that there is No Evidence of Disease –  pray that this stays the case for years to come….

31 thoughts on “No evidence of disease!

  1. Hi Pete & Mel,

    We are in tears of joy, praise our mighty Heavenly Father for his healing hand.

    Every blessing to you all.


    John & Miriam xx


  2. We stand with you in claiming and declaring those words “ there is no evidence of disease ! And we give thanks and glory to God for this. For his provision of the absolute best for Eloise in care and treatment. We pray Eloise will continue in full health, strong and resilient and for and your lovely family to have a peace in the days and months ahead, to enjoy, celebrate and rejoice in these words without fear. Oh Happy Day 🎉Thank you Jesus – so so delighted for you


  3. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus 🙏
    This is such a wonderful update to read – will of course continue to pray


  4. This is just such an amazing and grace-full answer to prayer. Our God is an amazing and compassionate God. Alleluia.


  5. This is such great news we are so happy for you all. We continue in praying for the next lot of decisions and the road ahead 💝


  6. Praise the Lord.
    Dear Lord please continue to have your loving presence with Eloise and amongst all her close family for the following months and year. Thank you Lord for your healing hand.


  7. So so pleased for you all, what wonderful news. Thank you Jesus for your healing hand on Eloise and may Eloise, Mel, Pete and Anna know your strength and peace as they rejoice today. Praying for you all every day. Xx


  8. Alleluia! It is such a relief, wonderful, wonderful news. Continuing to pray for the success of the next round of treatment.


  9. So thankful to our Glorious Father God for hearing the plea of so many hearts. We continue to ask for continued healing, safety, protection and provision for this amazing little lady and you, her devoted family.


  10. SO TOTALLY IN AWE OF THE GOD OF LOVE WE SERVE ♥️ Sooo thankful for the news you’ve both been waiting for. May His protection, sustaining power keep Eloise in good health with NO RELAPSE of any sort, yourselves, Anna & rest of the family in His Shalom. 🙌🏽✝️🕊


  11. Amazing news praise the Lord. I think back to her thanksgiving sevice and the deer that run across. What an incredible sign of God letting you know he is in control. Our love Richard & Clare


  12. Dearest Mel and Pete
    We rejoice with you! We too feel a part of the relief and are SO grateful!
    We pray not only joy, but peace and rest over all of you!


  13. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful news . May be Eloise has to cross a motorway each day , but Jesus stops the traffic and carries her across . Blessings and love . Penny xxx.


  14. The most wonderful news!! Thank you God!! 🙌 May Eloise be entirely free from any relapse, ever. In Jesus’ name. xx


  15. After many fervent prayers this week I shed a few tears reading this! Such wonderful news. Praise Him. Keep going you heroes xxxx


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