Proton planning starts on Monday

The last few days Eloise has been at home and has had such a fantastic time!  It’s been a joy to see Eloise love ‘normal things’ such as going to feed the horses up the road, see the ducks, play in the garden and just enjoy being at home.  She is doing utterly amazingly – running around, eating a bit more each day (still having her NG feeds too), and her language is really coming on.  Eloise has also really appreciated seeing some of her family (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) in the garden when they have popped by.  But most of all she has just loved playing with her big sister Anna… as always.

We’ve now had it confirmed that Eloise will have Proton Beam Therapy planning next week.  We will travel up to Manchester on Sunday, with the first appointment starting at 7.45am on Monday morning.  We’ve been told to plan to be in Manchester for the week.  Eloise’s blood counts were good yesterday, and she will have more blood tests tomorrow – we hope these results show that she won’t require any transfusions tomorrow, so we don’t need to spend more time in hospital. Either way – we can still go up for proton planning on Monday (yay!).

How do we feel?

  • Really grateful that Eloise’s proton planning has been confirmed and booked for next week.  It’s great to have it confirmed and not feel anxious about continued delays.
  • Grateful and happy to have some family days at home (interspersed with community nurse visits, CPR training, telephone appointments etc).  It’s lovely to see Eloise doing so unbelievably well and see her character blossom again.  She’s still got a sense of humour….

For those that pray:

  • Pray that nothing causes any delay from Eloise starting proton planning, and ultimately proton therapy.  For things to go smoothly over the next few weeks – for no infections, for blood results to be stable etc.
  • Pray for protection against any growth/relapse.  Eloise will have an MRI on Tuesday (for proton planning purposes) – please pray this shows no growth/relapse, and that any ‘post-operative changes/scarring’ from surgery are the same and even improving!
  • Pray that Eloise continues to grow strong, love life and keep fighting on!
  • Please also pray for another family in the USA that we have come to know.  Savannah (Savannah be Strong) is one month younger than Eloise and also has an ETMR and her tumour is in a very, very similar location to Eloise’s.  Savannah is currently undergoing surgery to remove the tumour.  Please pray for this surgery!  All the prayer points that we’ve said before for us, also stand for this little girl and her family too.

11 thoughts on “Proton planning starts on Monday

  1. Thank you Lord for answers to prayer, we ask for more of your healing touch for Eloise, thank you for this course of proton treatment-we ask that you provide again for every aspect of need. For everything to go smoothly without hitch. We see your loving hand on every part of this journey and we praise your name God.


  2. How lovely to have this special time together at home with your family, it must have done you all the world of good. Loved seeing the photos of Eloise and Anna on the previous post too. I hope everything goes well over the weekend and Monday xx


  3. Great positive post.Thrilled prayers answered for Proton plan next week .God bless you all 🙂😎🙏❤praying for all the things mentioned especially blood .and results from scan good . Lifting Savannah and family up to Lord on her healing journey.

    Pleased family time playtimes with Anna so joyful . Hope you all have some chance to rest a little before Manchester.Judy and Pete Edwards .


  4. Praise God! I’m believing all will be well and there will be lots more laughter to come. 🙏🤣🙏


  5. Thanking Father for Eloise’s progress and for the confirmed proton planning . Praying for Eloise and Savannah . Penny xx


  6. Continuing to pray for successful proton beam therapy. That there will be no relapse and Eloise’s blood counts remain favourable Remembering Savannah as she travels the same road.


  7. Still praying!! Thanks for your updates. We pray that the proton therapy will move forward and that continued good health will prevail. Love and hugs to all, Stan


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