Keep praying for Eloise to get to Manchester for Proton beam therapy

Today Eloise went back into the Royal Marsden for some blood tests, a few other checks and to be discharged.  Disappointingly her neutrophil counts had dropped, so she needed another GCSF injection – but after a few hours of discussions, she was allowed home as ‘is otherwise doing so well’ (I was nervous when another night in hospital was suggested…). 

Unfortunately this has also had a knock-on for Eloise getting to Manchester for Proton beam therapy planning.  We have heard that this might be next week (Monday 17th) but the Christie Centre in Manchester will only take Eloise if her counts remain stable and she doesn’t require another GCSF. Eloise has another blood test on Wednesday – so please pray her counts remain stable, so she can get to proton planning.

How do we feel:

Disappointed – we had really hoped to get to Proton planning this week.  We know that ‘days matter’ with ETMRs.  We are so grateful that she has been accepted for proton therapy on the NHS but feel disappointed that the system is not being flexible and can’t act faster when needed.  It doesn’t feel a very good use of resources to spend all the money on proton therapy, but fail to do the treatment at the opportune time.  We are obviously nervous that any delay increases her chance of relapse…

For those that pray:

  • Thanks that Eloise is doing so well – she has been so full of life and energy.
  • Pray that Eloise gets to Manchester for proton planning in the next few days.  Pray that Eloise’s counts are stable (e.g. blood test on Wednesday) and nothing stops her getting there as quickly as possible.  Ideally this week…but at the moment that doesn’t seem likely/possible.   
  • Pray that the timeframe between proton planning and starting treatment is as minimal as possible.
  • Pray for protection against relapse!

10 thoughts on “Keep praying for Eloise to get to Manchester for Proton beam therapy

  1. Praying for all of this but especially for no more need for GCSF and consequently the ability to move onto the next step of treatment. So glad you’ve been able to get home over the weekend and again tonight. Love to you all


  2. Praying Eloise’s blood test on Wednesday is favourable for proton planning this week in Manchester. . Praying for no relapse in the meanwhile


  3. Oh Father God in you we trust to provide for all Eloises needs. Make her path to recovery straight going forward . No obstacles in this next treatment plan and complete healing. Thank you for the many answers to prayer to date. Lord we ask for you to keep Eloise safe from all harm and restore her fully. Refresh and restore this family and give them your supernatural peace and joy in the waiting as they spend family time together . Bless them lord


  4. Sorry, bit late in seeing this update. Really feel for you with your frustrations of the numbers on the Neut test vs “just get on with it”.

    I know we talked about this but this really is a situation where there are no “experts” and hopefully the normal protocols don’t have any to be followed mindlessly.

    Hope it’s progressed since this post and things are moving. You guys are utter heroes.


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