Update from Marsden 28th April

The last couple of days have been like a yo-yo.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) Eloise seemed to suddenly jump back – she had taken her first steps, was walking round and wanting to play for a couple of hours. She had managed to nibble at a few things and her sickness had stopped. Eloise’s counts had bottomed out – her white cells and neutrophils are at zero. Everyone was amazed to see how she was doing after being in intensive care and in light of her treatment.

Today has been harder. Eloise temperature spiked and therefore had 2 antibiotics given immediately intravenously. She has been weak and was also very, very sick too.

Eloise continues on an unbelievable number of medications for various things. She has a daily GCSF injection (to boost her counts), and most days is having a blood/platelet transfusion. She’s on fluids, intravenous feeding and NG feeding.

Cancer treatment (particularly high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell autologous rescue) is such brutal treatment and it feels so cruel for little children to go through this… for months and months on end. Eloise’s treatment is on the extreme end of intense treatments – but still, it is awful for any child to have to go through this.

For those that pray:

  • Pray the antibiotics are effective. We really really don’t want Eloise to get a serious infection/sepsis and desperately want to avoid another PICU admission.
  • Pray for the sickness to end and for Eloise to feel better again.
  • Pray for Eloise’s counts to come up – unexpectedly fast! She needs her counts to bounce up to be able to fight and get her strength up. And we need her to be strong to get to Manchester ASAP (hopefully in 10days – 2 weeks) for proton planning.
  • Pray for Anna. Anna has found the last stretch particularly challenging. She’s missing Eloise and us both so much. She just wants to see Eloise and for us to all be at home for a day together… something so simple but impossible at the moment, and impossible for quite a while longer.  This all feels so unfair on her too.
  • Please desperately pray this treatment does what it needs to do – that any cancer is completely OBLITERATED and NEVER RETURNS. We find it so horrendously hard to know that despite complete surgery, high dose chemotherapy and proton therapy (all of which we are grateful that Eloise is receiving) the vast, vast majority of ETMR children relapse and don’t make it through 1-2 years. It just seems so unfair on them all…

10 thoughts on “Update from Marsden 28th April

  1. It certainly seems all so desperately unfair. We are continuing to pray pray pray. Praying indeed that this is obliterated and never returns.


  2. Love and prayers as ever and thank you for your Ebenezer blog. What a powerful testimony, God is indeed with you and Eloise and Anna, such tough love above and beyond our understanding. Be assured of God’s abiding love for you all. We continue to pray morning and night and will continue to do so…


  3. Thank you so much for the blog and updates. It is wonderful to see how God is working , it’s as though it is a tapestry sometimes the the needle (God) out of sight is at the front visibly pulling the thread through, Others at the back out of sight but still building the picture . Praying that this picture will be completed one day , two little girls playing together with their family .
    I hope this makes sense I’m nearly nodding off . Blessings and love Penny x


  4. So much tender love to you all, and of course continuing to pray for the hills and the valleys to be made smooth. For special grace for Anna to sense her own special place in Fathers heart and in this horrific journey. The blessing of many encounters and encouragements from Father continue to be yours.
    The Ebenezer blog is so good. Thank you for that and the regular updates.


  5. Continuing to pray that Eloise is no longer sick and is able to gain strength. I am also praying for all the family and for Anna especially .


    1. Mel and Pete, my heart goes out to you and your girls. Keeping up to date with Eloise and her progress via the blog and sending daily Prayers of love, healing, hope, joy, patience and understanding, as well as covering your specific requests when they come too. Stay strong and fighting Eloise x


  6. Thank you so much for telling us about your spiritual journey in this. It is so uplifting and encouraging that God has been speaking to you in it (and to others too)!


  7. Just to say I’m still thinking of you all. I can’t imagine how hard it is for Anna to try and make sense of what is happening. I’m glad you have such support from your families and friends. Keep on keeping us updated xx


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