Eloise honoured at school

Yesterday, Eloise’s school (Rydes Hill Preparatory School and Nursery)  marked the 2 year anniversary of Eloise’s tumour being removed, by awarding her a special girdle in the main school assembly.  It was so honouring of the school. 

The Headteacher explained to the whole school a little of what Eloise had been through, calling her a ‘real-life superhero’ and showing all of Eloise’s beads (over 1,000 of them).

Eloise then proudly walked onto stage and collected her special girdle – made specially for her. 

It was an emotional moment (we were allowed to come and watch).  We felt so honoured by the school and were utterly proud of our darling girl (and she walked so confidently onto the stage not phased in the slightest!).  She really is a real-life superhero.  She has been through more than most of us can begin to imagine, but here she is, defying the odds, enjoying life and fighting on. 

At the end of the assembly, the school then prayed for Eloise.  What a blessing.

A massive thanks to the school for everything they have done to support, champion and love Eloise.  Eloise has come on leaps and bounds since being there and simply loves going to nursery.  Keep going Eloise!!!

18 thoughts on “Eloise honoured at school

  1. You every bit deserve your girdle Eloise and I pray there will be many more to come. Your school have a superstar amongst them and it’s brilliant they have celebrated it. Have a wonderful weekend 🦩🦄🥰


  2. Yes, she is! What a precious and amazing superhero!!! Thanks for sharing with us! ❤️👏🏻 And, I’d say, her parents are superheroes as well! ❤️❤️


  3. She certainly has shown amazing resilience through her short life , such a brave amazing little girl. Definitely a superhero


  4. Our Group have supported Eloise right from the start.
    now we celebrate with the family and friends.
    Thank you faithful God.
    Daphne & Tom


  5. To all those prayers I added to the Trinity, Mary the mother of Christ, the angels and saints all who received our prayers we thank you. Eloise has been truly protected and a testament to never give up. There is nothing that is out of God’s reach.


  6. Well done Eloise what an amazing girl you are and so are your precious family.
    Reg and l pray for you all everyday.
    Good and faithful servants in whom Father God is well pleased. .
    You are all such an example to us of faithfulness and perseverance.
    God bless you
    Lots of love from Reg and Elaine
    Soteria Christian Fellowship xxx


  7. Thank you for sharing this joyful news and the recent post of Eloise’s progress. For those of us who have prayed for you all through these last two years, it is beyond doubt that the miracles that have taken place are very much the work of Our Lord, the medical staff and a devoted loving family.
    God bless you all Sandra


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