Currently having intrathecal chemo (#5) …

The last few days have been a bit unpredictable – Eloise’s midline stopped working so bloods were taken ‘normally’ (i.e. via a needle in the arm) and she also pulled her NG tube out, which had to be replaced. So, we’ve had a few extra trips to hospital. As always, we’ve received excellent care and we managed to have the whole weekend without stepping into a hospital – yay!

Eloise has just gone down for her next intrathecal chemo, which is still being done via lumbar puncture for the time being.

For those that pray:

  • Pray that she tolerates this chemo well. Other times she’s sometimes spiked a temperature in the evening after. Please pray she is ok tonight and we don’t have any additional hospital stays.
  • Pray Eloise gets stronger. She’s still having tremors at times and is quite weak, comparatively to a few weeks ago and very much so in comparison to her peers! We are spending lots of time just pottering around the house and trying to be creative in ways to get her to stretch her legs/exercise as she’s finding parks/play areas too cold and just wants to be cuddled.
  • Pray against long term side effects of her treatment. We’ve become very aware of how Eloise has ‘stalled’ developmentally this year and is weaker in many ways than she was at 18 months. She’s still struggling with tiredness and probable somnolence from Proton therapy, alongside the chemo and numerous other things she has currently going on! This can be pretty hard when society ingrains the importance of development in the ‘early years’. Please pray against these and the long-term side effects. Pray that much of this is temporary and one day soon, that she will thrive, smile more and be able to live life to the full.

7 thoughts on “Currently having intrathecal chemo (#5) …

  1. Thank you for update. We are thinking and praying for Eloise along with you Mel, Pete and Anna. Thank you for each of the prayer points for our continued prayers. God be with you as a family and grant you all comfort and peace. Pray you will feel God’s presence and assurance.


  2. Praying ask lRticuay against side effects and for strength , praising the Lord that you had a hospital free weekend and asking for more of them . God bless you all . Penny x


  3. Praying the chemo goes well today and that she doesn’t have a temperature spike.
    Continuing to pray for you all and for strength for each and every one of you in your different ways.
    With our love
    Ann & Clive.xx


  4. Still lifting this little miracle up to Jesus and you all ,praying you will have good outcome and respite from complications and a wonderful,happy family Christmas full of memories .Still posting in Healing Rooms Bristol for those supporting this beautiful little girl and sister and all of you going through together.


  5. Praying for all of you. Keep going little one. We pray strength for today and hope for tomorrow, that God would give you what you need for right now and that you feel able to give the longer term worries to Him xxxxx


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