Round #2 – How is Eloise doing?

When people ask, ‘how’s Eloise doing?’ I never quite know what to say. She’s relatively ‘well’ but then I take a step back and think ‘heck no, she’s not doing well for a 2 year old?!’. It’s really hard to know what to expect, what is now seen as ‘well’ (because she is not a well child!) and each day is different.

So here are some thoughts on how she is doing at the moment…

  • Eloise had her second intrathecal chemotherapy on Thursday. It went smoothly and this time her temperature started to creep up but didn’t spike. Phew! So we have been allowed home. So she is ‘well’ as she’s not in hospital on IV antibiotics etc.
  • She’s well in terms of getting steadier and stronger on her feet, but she can’t run and bounce like a normal 2 year old and her head is titled down. She really has lost a lot of her ‘bounce’ over the last 9 months and it feels like most days she just puts all her energy into getting through the day and participating in things as best she can. She interacts and walks around and will then just lie down and rest on the floor, or get agitated as she’s very suddenly overtired.
  • She’s well in terms of her language developing, but a lot of the time she hasn’t got the energy to ‘chat chat chat’. Her humour comes out occasionally on a very good day, but we do miss her infectious smile and laughter (she genuinely was the most smiley of kids) that she had pre-treatment. It’s slowly returning, on her better days, but most days she’s still clearly feeling quite whacked, nauseous and poorly.
  • She’s well in that her weight is more stable, but her appetite is particularly low. She’s nibbling at best. We know it’s not just being fussy as she’s often refusing anything. This can be quite exhausting trying to encourage her to eat… We give her an NG feed overnight, but that involves waking in the night to man it, turn it off and give it a flush…. And it isn’t really how you want a 2 year old to live.
  • She’s well as she’s not vomiting, but she does have a lot of lot of nappy, clothes and bedding changes. Despite her being mentally ready, potty training is a long way off at the moment.
  • She’s well in that she doesn’t appear to have any of her focal seizures, but does have some absent moments when exhausted, and she’s on such high anti-epileptic drugs that add to her exhaustion.

Thanks to those that prayed for Anna – she has really enjoyed her first week back and been brilliant with all the uncertainty and change.

For those that pray:

  • Pray for this round of chemo – for less exhaustion, for her appetite and for her to feel more ‘normal’. Pray for her to smile and laugh more.
  • Give thanks she’s NED. Pray against relapse!!

8 thoughts on “Round #2 – How is Eloise doing?

  1. Hi You don’t know me (I believe a friend of mine knows a relative of yours…!) I just want to say how challenged I am by the way you appear to cope as a family. As a Granny of 6 + 1 on the way (and 2 of whom are similar in age to Eloise) I can’t imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you must go through on a daily (if not hourly!) basis You are often in my thoughts and frequently in my prayers May God continue the healing work he has begun in your little girl and I pray that your faithfulness to Him will touch other people’s lives as well

    With love and prayers Brenda x

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  2. Thank you Lord that Eloise is doing very well……in the ever changing circumstances. I am reminded of the song “one more step along the road I go”….
    Thank you that Anna has enjoyed being back at school and doing normal things.
    Holding you all in my prayers of course xxx
    Praying especially for you Mel and Pete..for strength and for wisdom as you bear the burden of medical knowledge and the responsibility of making vital decisions, sometimes with little or no choice.
    Praying God’s love, comfort and peace into all of your lives… and praying for many daily joyful moments. Xxx


  3. Praying in Jesus’ name for all you have asked, especially for your heart’s desire , Eloise’s complete healing .
    God bless you all . Love Penny xx


  4. Praying for strength and energy and full recovery for Eloise..For Anna to be able to receive a more normal education and life as is possible in the circumstances..,as she has been through so much over this last year of trauma and uncertainty.
    Also for you both as parents and family and friends who are living this .sharing to healing rooms in Bristol..


  5. Praying regularly for your beautiful little girl, Eloise, in our zoom Morning Prayer group that has met each day, except Sundays since Lockdown of March 2020. We included also you Mel and Pete, such wonderful and outstanding parents and of course Anna. We pray with thanks and appreciation for all medical team and the excellence of specialist. Believing God will bring Eloise through a miraculous healing to a great testimony to which Eloise, will grow up to share, along with Mum Dad and family for God’s glory, in the years that God has planned ahead. Psalm 27:1


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